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Romantic Night In Valentine's Gift Hamper

I happened to have a rare night out with my husband on Saturday, and am still paying the price today as I can't stop yawning! Usually on a weekend, especially at this time of year, you will find us sitting in front of the fire at home watching something on Netflix or Amazon Prime. Any recommendations for a new film or TV series are more than welcome?!

It got me thinking about romantic and even just standard nights in, and a hamper we created in the past immediately sprang to mind. It's also quite fitting for this time of year, as the idea was originally conceived as a Valentine's Day Gift. I had a look back through the photography archives and voila....

Romantic Night In Gift Hamper

Our "Romantic Night In" Gift Hamper was designed in 2012, which is scarily 7 years ago now! You can see we included DVD's, although with the instant access to movie downloads these days perhaps a voucher or subscription would be more fitting for 2019.

Many of the other items are still going strong today and are perfect for sharing on a Movie Night - nuts, snacks, sweeties, chocolates, fudge, marshmallows and fondue! What would you put into your perfect Netflix starter pack? I think I would include some wine, crisps and popcorn to bring this bang up to date.

Pictured below are another few examples of Movie Night Gift Baskets, some for Customers and some for our own partners (starring the lovely Andy & Laura.)

Movie Night Gift Baskets are really easy to create yourself as they tend to feature all your favourite treats that are easy to source from the local shops. These tend to be small, relatively inexpensive (unless your favs are very posh chocolates) and so they are easy to assemble. The difficult part is getting it to look the part and not like a dogs dinner. Luckily for me I can call upon the Creative Geniuses in our packing department to make my selection look fantastic. It helps to pick a few large items like share bags of crisps to bulk the basket up and also something tall like bottles of beer or wine to add support at the back. You can also use shredded paper to the bottom of the basket to make it look pretty and to add some height and support. Next you will need to wrap the contents in cellophane or shrink wrap. Again we have an amazing shrink wrapping machine and a team of expert gift wrappers. For doing it at home you can buy smaller sheets of cellophane wrap and even cellophane bags to pop the whole basket into and then you just need to tie the top. Don't forget to add a bow or ribbon to seal the gift basket and add that decorative touch.

DIY gift hampers are great for such an occasion when it is going to a friend or family member and you can simply hand the gift over to the recipient. It does get more complicated if you need to have the gift delivered or it is going to a client or company and you need the professional look to be guaranteed. If this is the case, then look no further as we are happy to help!

Our Valentine's Day Gift Basket range is launching this week, with lots of exciting new creations. You can check them out here and have a Valentine's Gift delivered on a next day basis or on the big day itself across the UK, Ireland and Europe.

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