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Healthy Body, Mind & Soul

January is usually the month for resolutions and reinventing yourself, but how can we go about being the best we can be all year round rather than for a few weeks of the year?

Setting realistic targets is a great starting point to getting healthy, as there is nothing more disappointing than trying and failing. Having high expectations is setting yourself up for a fall, so start off small to try and reach those targets. Once you have tasted success then increase your goals & push yourself further if you choose.

Once you have reached your target goal trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle can be difficult as it is easy to slip back into old habits. I find following the 80:20 rule is the easiest way to maintain without it being too much like hard work.

And don't just focus on your body, but also your mind and soul to achieve overall contentment and the healthiest version of you.


There are lots of simple things we should be doing but don't always as life tends to get in the way!

Eating a healthy, balanced diet with the inclusion of fruit and vegetables and oily fish sounds simple, yet when we get in late from work or the kids are shouting for their dinner or refusing to eat the lovely meal you created for them it is easy to turn to the oven or takeaway. We got a new blender at home that allows you to make smoothies in the container/flask you will then drink it from. Less mess and washing up will hopefully encourage us to use it!

Keeping hydrated is another vital component, and I for one definitely don't drink enough water. Wine on the other hand I am pretty good at drinking! I have got myself a fancy new water bottle to keep on my desk at work.  On the subject of wine we should really try to keep alcohol and caffeine to a minimum. Cutting it out completely doesn't work for me as I tend to crave it more, therefore everything in moderation seems to be the key. Denying yourself this simple pleasures doesn't make for a healthy soul, and we are aiming to achieve all three.

Taking time out for yourself to do something you love or to relax is so important for a healthy mind. I am determined to find myself a new hobby as it is easy to just stay in the house when it is cold and dark outside in the evenings.

Exercise is another thing we all tend to dive into in the month of January, determined to make ourselves over. I don't get to my exercise class as much, in fact at all, as my boys keep me so busy. I tried doing them at home, but again it is easy to just sit on the sofa with a cup of tea & a chocolate biscuit instead once they are in bed.

Getting outdoors and into the fresh air is something I do find easy, as my boys love to be outdoors and exploring. Even when it isn't sunny or that warm being outside and in the light really does give you a boost.

The final thing is my favourite, sleep! Even now our son tends to sleep through the night we find ourselves staying up too late to try and cram some "me time" in after completing all the chores of clearing up after dinner, making lunches and doing laundry. We are trying to set ourselves an 11pm deadline from now on.

Which of these things do you find the most difficult to do and which the easiest?

If you know someone needing a boost in one of these areas then helping them along with a little gift can give them that lift. Our creative team are busy designing lots of healthy new gift baskets, with a few little treats, to try and help achieve this. In the meantime we already have plenty of options, as seen below.

Healthy Food Gift Baskets - For Body

Healthy Pamper/Relaxation Gift Baskets - For Mind

Healthy "Me Time" Gift Baskets - For Soul

So there you have it, Gift Baskets that can help to achieve a healthy body, mind or soul or all of the above.

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