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Christmas Hamper Uses Post Christmas

Your family gifted you a Christmas hamper, but now the festivities are over and the contents have been consumed it leaves you pondering, “What will I do with this now?”

We’ve got your back… Here are three uses for your hampers post Christmas:

  • Storage:

Our gift baskets are made from wicker, meaning they are long lasting and hard wearing. You could store magazines in the hamper and place it beside your sofa? Maybe fill it with logs and leave the basket a safe distance from the fire? You could also use ours hampers as storage for children’s toys, baby blankets, nappy's…  The possibilities for storage ideas are endless!

  • Upcycle:

Why not get in touch with your crafty side and do a bit of ‘up-cycling’. Up cycling is the practice of reusing objects in a way to create a product of higher quality or value than the original. We understand that wicker isn’t to everyone’s taste. It's amazing what a touch of paint and a little elbow grease can do. There is a multitude of ways to transform your hamper; add handles, sand it down, paint it, you name it. By up-cycling your basket you can turn a boring wicker hamper into a stylish coffee table or maybe even a shabby chic ottoman.


  • Planter:

Probably the most difficult of our Christmas hamper use suggestions but definitely the most fun! Grab yourself a tarpaulin and cut it to fit inside the basket, place the tarpaulin inside the basket and secure it down using a hot glue gun, then fill the basket with soil and plants and that's it! Your planter is ready to transform your garden into a bohemian oasis.


There are an unlimited number of ways in which you could reuse your Christmas hamper, all it takes is a little imagination… and a little bit of help from Pinterest won’t hurt!

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