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Non - Alcoholic hampers around $150 - $200

Throughout the year the non-alcoholic baskets are some of our most popular. With artisan jams and preserves, the finest chocolates from around Europe and thirst quenching teas you can prove that you don’t need an alcoholic refreshment to have a good time during the festive season.

See below just a small selection of our non-alcoholic festive gift baskets with everyone in mind;

Designed with the family in mind…

Alcohol Free Colossus Xmas Hamper - $188.58

Colossus by name… Colossus by nature! Bursting at the seems with enticing treats no one will end up feeling left out with this fun for the entire family gift basket. Swapping the traditional selection of wines normally associated with Christmas baskets for an array of luscious organic lemonades, sparkling apple cider, tangy ginger beer, revitalising teas and energising coffee make this the perfect family gift to keep everyone well hydrated during the festive season.

Designed with religion in mind…

Alcohol Free Christmas Hamper - $164.53

Created with religion in mind or perhaps someone you love prefers not to enjoy a tipple, this gift basket does not contain ANY trace of alcohol. As you know, when it comes to Christmas time it is hard to find  tasty treats not laced with liquor. When creating this basket we were meticulous at ensuring the contents were completely alcohol free. This gift basket is brimming with a diverse selection of artisan preserves and chutneys accompanied by impeccable chocolates crafted across Europe, wildflower Spanish Honey and black summer truffles.

Designed with the adults in mind…

Chilly Christmas Banquet Hamper - $198.70

A gift basket for a much more sophisticated palate. Shying away from the sugars and sweets which form the heart of many of our other non-alcoholic gift baskets, this gift basket encompasses the essence of Christmas without the alcohol element. Sumptuous Smoked Salmon and Traditional Irish carved ham are the centrepiece in this exemplary gift basket.

Our ham comes from a traditional Irish family butchers. This real Irish ham is made using a single pork joint which has slowly been cured in naturally occurring well water for 3 days, on the bone. This initial curing process gives the ham its distinct flavour. Once this process is complete, the ham is then slowly cooked in a steam oven, allowing the flavour to mature. Finally, the rind is cut off of the ham which is then hand coated in bread crumbs before being oven baked.

The thought and love that goes into every single gift basket we make is something we pride ourselves on. We carefully choose each item that goes into each gift basket, ensuring it is ethically sourced.  We do not mass produce our baskets like other companies. Each gift basket is assembled by hand. Every ribbon is hand tied. Each individual gift basket is hand wrapped, giving us a niche in the market. With attention to detail not just in the product design but also in the packaging it’s no wonder we have customers return time and time again.

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