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Inspired by You - European Products we use in our Gift Baskets

Our customer’s often ask to send their loved ones a little taste of where they are living back home as they have relocated to far off lands. We love stocking gourmet products made throughout Europe and the rest of the world to give our hampers an element of culture and allow the receiver to try something they would not have necessarily tried otherwise.


Below is a little bit of information on some of the European products we use in our gift baskets and their producers;

Traditional hand carved ham from Ireland

Our ham comes from a traditional family butchers located in the countryside of County Kildare. This real Irish ham is made using a single pork joint which has slowly been cured in naturally occurring well water for 3 days, on the bone! This initial curing process gives the ham its distinct flavour. Once this process is complete, the ham is then transferred to a steam oven where it is slowly cooked, allowing the flavour to mature and develop the flavour further. After the ham is taken out of the oven, the fat and rind are then cut off. Finally, the ham is hand coats in breadcrumbs before baked to release the flavour that has been developing during the process.

Honey from Spain

This honey is made using the pollen collected from high in the Alcarria mountains Of Cuenca in central Spain. This overgrown, wild landscape is the home wildflowers, grose and umbrella pines. The location from which the pollen is collected gives the honey slight floral notes. With 1600 hives at present located in this region it makes Colemeneros de la Acarria one of the most important honey producers in Spain. The Government of Castilla La Mancha protected the  Alcarria mountains Of Cuenca by granting the honey produced here the ‘Denomination of Origin’. This is an honour bestowed upon only the most important producers within the region, meaning that competitors can not use their name, therefore giving them proveance.

Wine from Italy

The Pietro Sartori Amarone Italian red wine is made using an ancient method in which the grapes of Valpolicella are placed in a ventilated room and dried over a period of three months. Once they have reached the point in which they are dried to perfection, they are then transported to temperature controlled stainless steel tanks where they are pressed and fermented. Once fermentation is complete it is relocated to concrete tanks, where the process of malolatic fermentation takes place. After this has been carried out the wine is transferred to oak casks for two to three years. This age - old process gives the wine a delectable plum and oak taste on the palate.


Chocolate from Lithuania

Made by hand in a small town in Eastern Lithuania, a real labour of love is put into the making of this fine milk chocolate bar with peanut butter. For four days the peanut butter is constantly churned and whipped. The beans are roasted and mixed ‘by the devils horns itself’ making this bar devilishly indulgent!

As you can see, we only use producers which put their heart and soul into the creations of their products, as we like to put our heart and soul into our hampers! We  Each of of our gift baskets are inspired with you in mind: wither you want to whisk your family on a foreign vacation from the comfort of their own home or make a statement at your next party. You have to remember that we are not a corporate company, we are UK based family run business with baskets designed for family & friends. We hope you see something that you’d like to send to your loved ones. We deliver the basket not only beautifully presented but intelligently packed. Nothing will break. Nothing will disappoint - and that we can guarantee.


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