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Inspired by Our Travels...

As Brits Australia is the dream, that's why so many of us during our late teens or earlier twenties pack up our gear and journey to pastures new to travel around your beautiful country with the hope of finding ourselves. Upon reflection, the only thing I found on my travels was a love for white sandy beaches and the delectable wines of Australia and New Zealand. We have taken our passion for the wine's produced within these regions and reflected them in our hampers.

See below some our favourite wine’s and how they have been crafted to give each one a very unique and individual taste.


Stoneleigh Vineyard can be found in the Rapura area of the Northern side of the Waiaru Valley in Marlborough, New Zealand in what is referred to by locals as the ‘Golden Mile of vineyards’. The location of the vineyard was once home to an ancient river. As the vineyard is based on an ancient site there are miraculous precious stones embedded into the ground, referred to by the vineyard as sunstones. During day light hours, the stones reflect the suns rays up into the grapes and vines. As the grapes are being immersed by heat from above and below the flavour intensities as they ripen. The name Stoneleigh was derived from the the astounding stones that form the bases of the vines the grapes are grown on.



Wyndham estate was founded by George Wyndham - one of the founding fathers of the Australian wine industry! The Wyndham estate is where the grapes are fermented and turned into some of the finest wines, though originally the vineyard was at home on the estate during the 1800s now Wyndham wines have vineyards all across the country. In order to give the wines their distinct and unique taste they used a multitude of different wine making techniques which helps build complexity and add character to the finished blend. Another distinct feature which enables the wines to achieve a miraculous flavour is the great wine falls and blistering hot summers recorded in 2012, helping the grape to mature and ripen.


We are a big fan of the Jacobs Creek Sparkling Pinot Noir, the grapes for which are grown in among the Adelaide hills. The Mount Lofty range can be found 20 minutes east of Adelaide city and stretches across 70km of rolling land. The rolling hills and twisting valleys of the regions offers a wide variety of soils, micro climates an water catchments. The region is found 400-700m above the sea level. This high altitude means the region will experience a higher level of rainfall and cooler ripening temperatures. These grapes are harvested during the dad of night in order to reduce the chance of phenolic pick up during transportation to the winery. These multiple different variables all contribute to the distinct citrus and nut flavour given to this scrumptious sparkling wine.



Living on the opposite side of the world from your friends and family is never easy, especially during Christmas! We take pride and joy in only putting the finest products from around the world in to our hampers, which is why they are so highly commended from around the world! Why not send a taste from your new home to you finally back home this Christmas time?

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