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Fulfilment Hamper Companies v Basketsgalore

Why we believe our approach results in a better hamper experience for our customers..

Disadvantages of Fulfilment Companies

There are lots of fulfilment companies assembling hampers and handling the orders placed by shoppers.  Some take care of the entire process, they assemble, store and ship according to the instructions of the selling company. The problem with this approach is the disconnect between you the shopper and the company selling the hamper.  As soon as a 3rd party is introduced, complications regarding responsibilities tend to arise.

Most importantly the nature of the products tend to be weighted towards longer shelf lives and smaller sizes, because of time constraints and the frequency of issues arising.

Our Philosophy as a Small Business

We are frequently asked to fulfil orders on behalf of other companies, but since we believe that order fulfilment is critical to ensuring customer satisfaction, we say no.  We also know from years of operating such a business exactly how much it costs to fulfil orders and how much space it takes up. Contrary to popular opinion that technology makes things, faster, easier, and better, the reality is that the majority of orders placed by customers need to be fixed or amended before an order can be accepted by the delivery companies.  We need to be able to step in to assist our customers achieve their objective of sending beautiful hampers to friends and family.

The Advantage For You

We take care of all of aspects of our business meaning that we are responsible for production, assembly, quality, dispatch and getting your hamper to its intended destination.  We track your order and we take a real delight in hearing how well received our hampers by recipients.  It is our unqualified assertion that shopping with us will result in a better hamper and experience than shopping with a company which fulfils orders on behalf of others or which has their hamper orders fulfilled.


Infographic Illustration

Our infographic only shows the hamper companies who fulfill orders for other companies on the right side of the graphic, but they in turn are under pressure from specialist fulfilment companies, who handle the online orders for major department stores and some E-Commerce businesses.  It really is a race to the bottom in terms of cost to fulfil an order.  However what it does explain is why so many hampers look so similar.

Our Strategy:

Whilst we are continually seeking to drive down cost of fulfilment to maximise product value, the variability of our hampers individual components means that the greatest cost will be labour.  Even allowing for this we tightly manage our labour costs and attempt to match supply and demand so perfectly that labour is not wasted needlessly.

However ultimately we cannot compete with businesses which are specifically targeting economies in production capabilities.  We are after all a small family run business.  However what we can do is offer fresher, more imaginative and unusual hamper combinations.  We can provide better value to businesses looking for something better and we can provide a superior vendor/customer experience based on the joy of doing business with our customers rather than the costs.

Conclusion & Housekeeping

We believe we have better products and a better service than the companies which rely on simply fulfilling your orders.  We hope you visit us and compare our designs with our competitors.

This is the 3rd part in a nine part series positioning Basketsgalore within the competitive online market for gift baskets and hampers when looking at the industry from the British perspective.

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