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Christmas Hampers Circa €75-€85

Our baskets are bursting with some of the worlds finest produce, and the price point is not too shabby. Although we have a wide variety of festive favourites that are guaranteed to sell out every year in order to keep things exciting we like to add a few new hampers and get rid of the ones which are no longer performing as they used to. We enjoy updating our gift baskets with the current most popular products throughout the UK and Ireland in order to keep the consumer satisfied.

Below you can find a selection of Christmas gift baskets, although some are well loved and ahv e been slightly tweaked others are brand new for this year.

Sparkling Vineyard Basket - €81.00

Designed to make your loved ones christmas sparkle with a bottle of Australias most popular sparkling wine accompanied with a selection of moreish treats to indulge on alongside some festive staples. Mince pies delicately made by Ireland’s master baker are accompanied by a rich traditional Christmas pudding and flavourful spiced apple cake. This hamper also includes a selection of chocolates by the worlds leading chocolatier’s some laced with mint while others use real fig and oranges to give a real festive flavour.

Christmas Gourmet Wine Celebration - €94.50


This gift basket is composed of one of our most popular hampers ‘The Gourmet’ with a duo of a delectable red and white wine from the vineyards of Australia added to give the basket an extra festive feel! A multitude of luscious waxed cheeses, creamy Swiss chocolate truffles, mouth watering olives, luxurious French pate and delicious home made country chutney would have anyone jumping with joy upon receiving this flavourful Christmas hamper.


Christmas Earth Gift Basket - €72.89

A non-alcoholic hamper bursting with festive family favourites such as rich mince pies and traditional Christmas pudding. Alongside these Christmas essentials are a selection of artisan chocolates such as milk chocolate laced with butterscotch and dark chocolate with hints of lime and ginger, a gooey brownie slice, mangoes encased in sweet milk chocolate and a duo of gourmet preserves. Perfect for the entire family this hamper is everything you would need to keep everyone happy this Christmas time.


When looking at the contents of these delicious gift baskets you would most believe that the price was too good to be true… but trust us the price is right! Remember, the above is only a small selection of the extensive christmas gift baskets that we stock. We believe in only filling our baskets with gourmet and artisan products made by small businesses like ourselves. We believe that extra care goes into the products that come out of a small business, each one is made with love instead of being mass produced. We understand our competitors may charge a lot more for a gift basket which contain a lot less products, in doing so ripping off the customer. We only send out gift baskets we would be happy to receive, this is a belief we were founded on and has been carried out from day dot.


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