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From 2002-2018... The Evolution of BG

Many historian events happened in 2002. When you reminisce back to the year you probably remember…


-Halle Berry being the first black woman to receive an academy award for best actress

-Michael Jackson causing international frenzy when he hung Prince Michael II off of his Balcony in Paris

-Kelly Clarkson being the first ever winner of American Idol

-The world’s first mobile phone with a camera being released

-And who can forget the break up of Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake !?

There is one significant event in our lives that over shadow all of these remarkable moments in pop culture. 2002 is so important to us as it was the year in which our company was born. Our mother’s garage was the heart of the operation, it is where the magic happened. Our family business was founded in the family home in which we grew up . This is mimicked within the Great Quality products, fantastic service and delight with the quality of presentation that is highlighted within our reviews.

Product design, sales, production.. you name it, it all took place in the middle of mother’s garage. We were excited and unknowing of what was ahead.


Like 2002, 2004 was another big year. It might be remembered for…

-The tsunami and earthquake which took place in the Indian Ocean, killing around 250 thousand people

-Facebook being launched

-The final episode of Friends airing

-And Britney getting married… TWICE!( to two different people, one marriage only lasting 55 hours!)

But 2004 will always hold a special place in our hearts as it being the year in which we had saved up enough of our hard earned cash, moved out of our mothers garage- the birth place of our little business and into our first gift basket premise in the UK.


Although 2018 is not yet over, I think we can all agree that this has been one year to remember!

-Prince Harry married Meghan Markle - making them the Duke and Duchess of Sussex

-3 new members of the Kardashian Klan were born - Stormi, Chicago West and True Thompson

-Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin sadly passed away

-Hit me baby one more time turns 20 and Britney makes her return to Vegas with a fresh new look.


2018 has not only been a big year for Britney… but it has also been a big year for us! Like Britney, we felt like we also needed a more update to date look. We know we are still original… why? A company director checks each basket before it is shipped, every basket can be customized to your specific needs and we are the only company which delivers to 100% of the UK and Ireland.

We had the core elements and beliefs of our business implemented so it was only natural for a fresh new look to follow.

Our new website was launched in March of this year and was welcomed with open arms.


Like many pop culture stars it has not always been an easy ride, but that’s how we learn in life as well as in business, from our mistakes.

In the early days of BG we offered an exhausting amount of alternatives to gift baskets but it did not take us long to realise that is where our passion truly lies.The past 16 years have been a whirlwind, we can only wonder what the next 16 will bring!

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