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Teacher Thank You Gifts

I'm feeling a tad emotional today as it is my son's last day of Nursery/Pre-School. We sat together and wrote his Teacher's "Thank You" card, along with one each for the Classroom Assistants. We did a combination of a shop bought and homemade card, with Rowan adding some of his own personalisation. He took great joy in clutching them to his chest to take in later on today to his afternoon session. They really do form such a bond with their Teachers that it is no wonder Parents everywhere like to give Teacher Thank You Gifts at the end of the year, and usually at Christmas time as well.

There are various options available to Parents & Guardians for Teacher Thank You Gifts. When it comes to the time you will more than likely know which option is best for you and your child, depending on the relationship with the Teacher and their personality. If you are new to this and need some ideas then read on for our Top 5 Ideas for Teacher Thank You Gifts.

1 Homemade Card/Gifts

Some budding artists in the class are probably more than capable of, or more than keen to create their very own masterpiece for their Teacher. This is really lovely as it is so thoughtful and allows the card to be really unique and personal. It also allows you to make and say exactly what you want. However, it does takes time, effort and energy and so it's not something to start the night before the last day of school. Perhaps not a great idea for us non-artsy types either as it may cause more stress than anything else.

Teacher Thank You Gifts - Homemade Cards

2. 'Thank You Teacher' Gifts

The shops and internet are flooded with various individual gift items with "Thank You Teacher" on them. These range from mugs, to tea towels to poems and plaques. I particularly love the "What is a Teacher" poem by one of our supplier Bespoke Verse. There are so many gorgeous items so you just need to try and pick something a little bit different or useful so that the Teacher doesn't receive too many of the same type of gifts. Maybe ask around what some other parents are buying to test the waters.

Teacher Thank You Gifts - Themed

3. Personalised Teacher Gifts

This really follows on from the 'Thank You Teacher' gifts but goes one step further by personalising it to the individual Teacher or from a Student. This is really lovely and so personal, however if the Teacher receives 30 personalised gifts from each student they might not have space for them all. Perhaps if you know your child is Teacher's Pet, but then everyone probably thinks their child is the golden child! I had romantically thought about being super organised and arranging this, something like a Teacher Questionnaire with Rowan answering lots of questions about his Teacher. Although he likes to talk (a lot) I could only really get a few facts out of him, as when put on the spot they tend to forget things (he's only 4)  I also saw his Teacher already had one on the wall in her office and so she probably wouldn't have room for another.

4. Something Small - A Token Gift

Teacher Thank You Gifts were traditionally only ever a small token and so many people stick to this by giving some chocolates, wine, a candle etc. Just a little something to show your appreciation without breaking the bank. I think sometimes a particular Teacher is just really lovely or has gone above and beyond with your child and so you might wish to up the present stakes. My son's Teacher is just LOVELY and Rowan speaks so fondly of her, but I think everyone felt the same. You know she has done her job well then when all the students and parents are happy. As it is a Nursery/Preschool Teacher year she is also the first person we have entrusted all our children too and so I think we all have a soft spot for her.

Teacher Thank You Gifts - Chocolates


5. Joint Present From All The Parents

A popular trend nowadays is for Parents to club together and buy a more substantial gift from everybody. We did this ourselves as one of the Mum's was friendly with the Teacher and she had mentioned really loving department store vouchers and red wine. About half the class clubbed together to get the vouchers, quality red wines and some flowers. The Mum organising it also got 'Thank You Letters' printed with all our names of them. We only had to sort our own personal cards to thank her individually if we wanted to then. This is really great if someone takes the initiative and suggests a joint gift & also volunteers to collect the money and purchase the gift.

Teacher Thank You Gifts - Gift Baskets & Hampers

If you aren't quite so organised another great Thank You gift idea is a gift basket or hamper. With prices starting from around £35 you only really need to get a minimum or 3-4 other parents to join you & you have a substantial 'Thank You' gift. If you happen to get more funds then you can simply order a larger gift basket or hamper. Or perhaps one for the Classroom assistants too?

Ordering one online also doesn't require too much effort from yourself. All you need to do it decide on your favourite and then we put it together and deliver it for you. We can also print your personalised message into a 'Thank You' gift card. If you can't be there in person to give the gift it's also a perfect solution as we can deliver to the school.

Another benefit of a 'Thank You' Gift Basket or Hamper is that you can include a little bit of everything. So the old faithful wine and chocolates, candles and smellies and also a token Teacher themed or Thank You themed item. You can see the full range of Thank You Gift Baskets and Hampers we have to choose from here.

Thank You Teacher Gifts - Hamper


Whichever option you go for, we hope the Teachers loves her gift. All you have to do now is try not to cry when you hand it over & collect your child from them for the last time.....ever. Easier said than done eh, wish me luck for pick up time!

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