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Hamper Delivery UK

Hamper Delivery UK - What Is A Hamper?

If you're based in the UK or Ireland then it's likely you'll know exactly what I mean by a Hamper. If you're based internationally then you may be thinking of laundry or picnics right now, and so I'll endeavour to explain why Hamper Delivery UK is a perfect search term for you should you require a Food Gift delivered to England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.

A Hamper is a 'Gift Basket' of sorts, but it is housed in a traditional, lidded wicker container often with leather straps to help seal it. The contents are primarily ambient food stuffs and they can contain wine, beer, spirits etc or can be entirely non-alcoholic.

Lidded Hamper Delivery UK

Traditionally popular at Christmas time, Hampers are now delivered all year round for a wide variety of occasions such as for Birthday Gifts, Thank You Gifts and Congratulations Gifts.

Reasons For Using A Hamper Delivery UK Service

Hampers tend to be large, bulky and heavy. Some brave people choose to create their own and deliver it/post it themselves, however this does require A LOT of time and effort. Times this by any larger quantities required and you would have a mammoth task on your hands assembly wise. By using a Company offering a Hamper Delivery UK service, they do the hard work for you.

If you live abroad and need to send a gift to Friends, Family or Colleagues "back home" you'll soon discover the postage of such a Gift can be pretty expensive, even for smaller items. Never mind Customs Charges for anything being posted from outside the EU. A Hamper Delivery UK service can save you money on postage as you only have to pay a local, courier fee for less than £10. You'll also be safe in the knowledge your Gift is fully trackable and on course for next day delivery, rather than it being sent on a "wing and a prayer".


Hamper Delivery UK - England

As previously mentioned the UK is made up of four Countries: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Within each Country there are smaller territories/states which are referred to as counties. England has the largest number of counties, 48 in total as of 1997 (source: Wikipedia)

Delivery to any county in England can be achieved on a next day basis. There used to be a few areas of Lancashire, Carlisle, Truro, Cumbria, Norfolk & Northumberland which were regarded as "remote" due to distance from the courier depot. Remote or extended areas would mean delivery took an extra day, but affected postcodes in England have been slowly diminishing in numbers with the opening of more depots.

Hamper Delivery UK - Scotland

Consisting of 33 counties, Scotland has the most diverse of delivery areas as there are the Highlands and Islands to take into consideration. The vast majority of postcodes are still covered on a next day basis. There are a number of postcodes classified as "remote" so delivery to these takes up to 48 hours. There are also a small number of island addresses and delivery here can take 3-5 working days.

Hamper Delivery UK - Wales

The success of deliveries in further to reach areas of Wales has improved greatly in the last number of years due to investment in local infrastructure. We use a specific courier with a higher success rate for Welsh deliveries to ensure there are no delays. There are 8 counties in Wales which are now being serviced by more courier depots than ever before and so the number of "remote" areas has also significantly reduced. (source: Wikipedia)

Hamper Delivery UK - Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland is made up of 6 counties and for many Companies it is seen as a "remote" area and so shipping there is slow and more costly. Not for BasketsGalore however. Shipping to N. Ireland is the same price as the rest of the UK and is on a next day basis too.

Modern Day Gift Hamper vs The Traditional Gift Hamper

Traditional Hampers tended to concentrate on the alcoholic aspect such as wine and whiskey, whereas as time has gone on and people are more in tune with their dietary requirements the contents of Hampers can now vary greatly. Some Gift companies were pioneering in championing Non-Alcoholic Hampers and so now specialise in these and even other more niche markets such as Gluten Free Hampers, Diabetic Hampers and Halal Hampers. Other pioneering ways to modernise Hampers was by adding a "fresh" component so as contents include chilled products such as cheese and smoked salmon, as well as jars of olives, paté, crackers and biscuits.

Varieties of Gifts For Hamper Delivery UK

Gourmet Hampers tend to include traditional hamper favourites such as preserves, biscuits and chocolates that are then also combined with modern, Great Taste Award winning products such as relishes, nut butters and soda toasts.

Chocolate Hampers are full of all the chocolatey items you can ever imagine, with some more on top! Often combined with wine, prosecco or some organic lemonade too to wash it all down with. Chocolate isn't just boxes, but also bars, ballotins, lollipops, truffles, sauces and waffles.

Non-Alcoholic Hampers are amazing value as none of the budget is used up by wine or beer. Instead they are full to the brim of amazing non-alcoholic artisan goodies which can be wither ambient, fresh or a mixture of the two.

Wine & Cheese Hampers are exactly what they say on the tin. The perfect duo with added goodies such as chutney, olives and crackers.

Sparkling Hampers have that added fizz, in the form of sparkling wine, Prosecco or Champagne they and can again be combined with savoury delights such as smoked salmon or something sweet likes fudge.

Chilled Food Hampers tend to focus on delicious cold or smoked meats such as ham, salami, air dried lamb and beef as well as cheese selections and organic smoked salmon.

Occasions For Gift Hamper Delivery UK

As mentioned, the primary reason for sending a Hamper in the UK tends to be as Christmas Hampers. There are also lots of other occasions a Hamper is a perfect gift to receive. Birthday Hampers are very popular, especially for milestone birthdays. Also Thank You Hampers and Congratulations Hampers are gaining in popularity.

Choosing A Hamper Delivery UK Supplier

Ideally we would love you to choose BasketsGalore as your Hamper Delivery UK Supplier. We can deliver to all the areas within the UK discussed, including Northern Ireland at no extra cost. This is extremely convenient if you have friends, family or colleagues located throughout the UK as you will not have to source a local supplier for each town, city or country. We can even deliver further afield, with next day EU delivery also an option.

We also have the widest selection of online Gift Hampers available for you to choose from. We operate all year round, as well as at Christmas time, and so we can service all your gift gifting needs at any time of year. We continually update and create exciting new Hampers so as our repeat customers have the best choice available to them.

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