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Hamper Delivery London

The words Hamper & London tend to go hand in hand as there are some world famous, big brand Hamper providers located there. However, they are no longer the only Hamper Delivery London suppliers around nowadays and this blog has been written to help show the options available to you as a customer.

1 - Department Stores (Hamper Delivery London)

The large London Department stores tend to have a dedicated Hamper section within them. The products included in their Hampers tend to be co-ordinated as they use their own packaging. This can be viewed as a slick, streamlined look which a lot of people prefer or it can be viewed as being a bit samey. The excitement when receiving a Hamper is discovering all the different goodies inside & so a mixture of different brands and types works well for this. Because of the higher individual item pricing a £50 Hamper tends to include 5-6 items in these Department stores, with the emphasis on quality rather than quantity. In terms of purchasing this can be done in store or online for delivery around London, as well as the rest of the UK.

Hamper Delivery London - Department Store

2 - Local Deli's (Hamper Delivery London)

Local Delicatessens are another great option for buying Hampers. They tend to include fresh, local foods with shorter shelf lives direct from their deli counter. With a shop front presence you can again order in person if prefer and they are likely to have a good knowledge of the local area for deliveries. Lack of space however can mean that they may not be able to accommodate larger, bulk orders. Having a High Street presence also means the business will have high rent and rate charges and so their pricing is likely to reflect this. Residents in London are used to paying more for items, but if you are purchasing from outside of London then it can seem expensive.

Hamper Delivery London - Deli

3 - Online Gift Supplier (Hamper Delivery London)

Online suppliers benefit from out of town locations which enable them to have larger premises with lower rates and rental costs. They benefit from economies of scale and so can produce in bulk. Rather than delivering locally they tend to partner with a delivery company and so can ship around the whole of the UK as well as to London. With the extra space available & the main purpose of the business being Hampers they tend to have larger ranges to choose from.

Hamper Delivery London - Warehouse

Hamper Delivery London - By Courier

There are normally many more delivery options in London than in other UK cities & towns due to the sheer size of the population. Delivery companies tend to have smaller vans and even bike couriers to help them get through the busy London traffic. They also tend to do 2 delivery runs, AM and PM and deliver later into the evenings, at weekends and sometimes even Bank Holidays. Although courier drivers would cover a larger area of London their knowledge of the local area is second to none, in fact they are almost as good as the local Black Cab drivers who learn "The Knowledge" (Source: TFL)

Housing in London can vary greatly, from tower blocks and apartments in the built up areas to large estates as you go further out into the Greater London area. Providing a phone number for the recipient is a big advantage as quite often premises will be gated or have buzzers and so if the driver can make contact to gain entry then deliveries will be more successful. The recipient will also get automatic text updates and access to advanced delivery options, such as rescheduling or giving permission for the parcel to be left with a neighbour.

There are also a wealth of offices, shops, colleges and hospitals in London and deliveries can be made to these business addresses no problem. They tend to have a reception or postroom that the driver will drop the parcel to rather than them trying to locate the recipient directly. It is then up to the porters or staff to pass the gift on internally, although we find this is generally done without issue. Some hospitals may be slightly slower to do so than others and so it is recommended to check their delivery policy in advance.

Another great option for delivery is to send to lockers or collection zones if the recipient is unlikely to be at home during the day. The courier will attempt a home delivery & then the recipient can request to collect the parcel instead. Rather than having to travel to a depot which could be some distance away, the driver will take it to a local collection zone which is usually a local shop or locker area. This will always be located within a mile of the delivery address for handiness. The recipient will be sent the name and address of where they can collect from and also a locker pin code. You can read more about these DHL Lockers in a previous blog we posted here.

Hamper Delivery London - DHL Couriers

BasketsGalore welcomes the opportunity to be your supplier for Hamper Delivery London. We fall under the online retailer category, although we do have a local office for post in London. Because all our Hampers are dispatched from a central depot, you can be sure that what you see is what you get. We don't outsource your order to a local company in London. Instead we dispatch exactly the Gift Hamper you order online and team up with the best couriers in the UK. We deliver 10% of our Hampers to London, which is a significant portion. We have a 97% delivery on first attempt rate. The remaining 3% would be delivered successfully on the 2nd attempt as there had been no available to sign on the first attempt. We always follow up with the recipients if we notice they weren't at home and assist with organising the 2nd attempt.

You can see our full range of Gift Hampers here and we look forward to helping you with an order soon.

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