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Our Office Christmas Decorations

Today I put some decorations up in the Baskets Galore Office.  Normally we are all much too busy, processing all of your lovely Christmas orders, to do this until the last minute, but I needed a bit of a lift today as I was working at the weekend and this just didn't seem like a normal day. It's not the most elaborate set up with only a few bits of tinsel and some sets of lights, but it's better than nothing and has cheered me up.

Long ago we had a little pink Christmas Tree, yes pink!  It was a Barbie one that came free from one of our suppliers - probably because nobody wanted a pink tree!  Anyway we had it up until Lynne's daughter fancied it for her bedroom. I replaced it with a green one which I decorated with only red and white ornaments because it was such a change from pink.

This worked for a few years,  however as the paperwork started to take up more and more space the tree became shunted aside until we decided there was no longer enough room for a tree and just put up lights.  This coincided with Lynne's younger daughter wanting her own tree for her bedroom so I am happy to announce that she is now the happy owner of a pretty red and white tree of her own.  All I can say is thank goodness Andrea's boys have not yet felt the need for a tree in their rooms!  It's early days though.

Why not check out our Lindt Gold Reindeer which have been heading out to lots of children this year.  They have cute little bells around their necks but unfortunately not a red nose! You can see them on our Create Your Own Site.

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