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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Gift Basket of the Day 23.11.17

I think this might be our last week of Daily Dispatch blog posts? I think? Not sure. I guess I should really confirm with the team since it would be very difficult to remove ourselves from the large volumes of Christmas Orders processing to take pictures and write a blog post next week. I can't believe it's Christmas already! Where did the time go? It felt like only yesterday that August just ended. I'm sure none of you are here to read about me complaining about the year flying by, so without much further ado:

It's the Grateful Gestures gift basket! This one was ordered by one of our corporate clients in Florida, USA. She wanted to organise some thank you gifts for her business partners over here on this side of the pond, so is sending them these scrumptious gift baskets. Usually she chooses Christmas gift baskets to send them, but this year, she wanted something a little bit different, and since it's not even December yet (she's early arranging gifts this year) she opted for a basket from our bakery range.

She actually had a bit of problem getting us the phone numbers for one of the recipients, as it turns out the recipient wouldn't be at the office, but instead had started his Christmas holidays early! He's already home in a different part of the UK to the office address, but I remembered we had redirected a package for him before, so we looked up her orders from the previous years and managed to locate the address details and phone number of this fellow. What can I say? We love helping out gifts reach the right person and address, and happy to help ensure those details are correct.

Just a few days till December! Time for the Christmas shopping madness! Hope you all are prepared!

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