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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Gift Basket of the Day 04.10.17

I was rather dreadfully sick in the latter half of last week, and whilst I was lying there in my bed, surrounded by a miniature mountain range of used tissues and sounding like a dying zombie, I was thinking of three things:

  1. Poor Roma have to do 4 blog days in a row because Andrea is away on holiday in the sunshine, and I'm away in awful-land because of some horrible cold/flu/something that my sister brought back from her London trip
  2. I could really do with a hamper gift right now, especially one with biscuits
  3. I could audition for a zombie role in a movie and could probably win by a landslide with how I'm sounding

There was unfortunately nothing I could do with number 1 because I'm pretty sure me coming into the office and spreading my sickly germs around would NOT be appreciated by anybody; and number 3 would include me having to actually drag my sick self somewhere so that was a no go.

And number 2 never happened no matter how much I wanted it. So much that I think I'd put it on my list of requirements when looking for my future other half - MUST bring me food when sick, ideally with tea; OPTIONAL must bring me food, period, doesn't even have to be when I'm sick.

Just like Paul does to Deborah here with his surprise gift for her in the form of a Great Taste Award Chrome Duo.

"Thinking of you today and got paid, so I thought you deserve a nice little glass of wine and cheese and cracker on your day off. Paul xxx"

Where can I find somebody like this? I don't drink wine, so can it be arranged for the wine to be substituted with tea and chocolates of the equivalent value?


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