Baskets Galore Customer Gifts – Gift Hampers 13.09.17

Name check required! Although this Gift Hamper is actually listed as the Breakfast Basket, it is in fact a Hamper and therefore is allowed to feature in this Hamper Blog!

By Hamper we mean it features a more traditional style of food contents and is packed into a lidded hamper, rather than an open, cellophane wrapped Gift Basket.

This Hamper full of Breakfast treats is on its way to Co. Wexford for a lucky mum on her birthday. It was ordered by her daughter who couldn’t be there on her birthday and so this gift is to help her celebrate.

My particular favourites in this Hamper are the ‘Very Berry’ Granola by the Foods of Athenry, the coffee and melt in your mouth muffins. In fact I am making myself hungry while typing this!

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