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Baskets Galore Customer Gifts – Gift Baskets of the Day 07.09.17

Okay, so I was totally prep to doing 3 dispatch blogs today. I even went out and took pictures of three different baskets/hampers. But it turns out, nope, my workload is chock-a-block full and I'm pressed for time. I have two months of sales and VAT (July and August) for two different currencies to work out, the new GTA pricing to sort out with Neil (who's away for his dentist appointment), a financial quarter of purchase data to convert and upload to our new trial accounting software, a few month's worth of website stats to extract and generate a report for, and 4 different spreadsheets to update and that's only just part of my To Do list.

Snap snap, no time to waste, let's move on and do all three baskets at once here.

The first to feature is our fruit basket of the day - Get Well Fruit Survival for Him.

This basket is for Bernard in Dublin, IE who isn't very well. It's from his children in the US who had heard he is poorly. From the gift message, it sounds like Bernard is going to be a grandfather soon too, since it was signed 'and bump' after all the names. Oooooo! Congratulations!

Next, let's move onto a hamper from the GTA range.

This is the Great Taste Award Chrome hamper. The hampers of this range are going to be updated very, very soon. In fact, we have everything for them worked out already and pictures ready to go. We just have to work on the pricing of some of the hampers and then you would see them online soon. The Chrome though would start mostly unchanged, but for the changes we ARE going to make.... hoho, I better keep it a surprise, me thinks.

Anyways this is hamper is a 'wee treat' from Lynn (Craigavon, NI) to Aodheen and Gabriel in Belfast, NI. She hopes they both 'relax and enjoy the nibbles'

The gift basket representative of today is the beautiful Old Enough to Know Better basket.

I love the way this basket looks. It's like it has a bit of everything.

coincidentally I was speaking to a gentleman about this basket today. It's a gift organised by a corporate client of mine, and they had given me permission to call ahead to arrange a suitable date for delivery.

Ideally they wanted it to get there for his 50th Birthday which is the Monday coming, but a quick phone call confirmed that he would actually not be in the country at that time! Oh dear, we can't have that, the salmon would turn a little yuck if we send it out and he's not there to receive it. So we had quickly arranged it with him to have it delivered when he's back. Problem solved!

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