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Candle Gifts For Occasions & Relaxation

I absolutely love candles & used to have such a big collection when I was younger. I had some that were so pretty I couldn't bring myself to burn them though! The one that springs to mind was a pink square one with sea shells in it. A bit like this one...

We also love candles at BasketsGalore. We have a few varieties in our Pampering & Occasion Gift Baskets. (Shop Here) These include votive, pillar candles, jar candles, tinned candles, wax melts and also birthday candles and diffusers. We can now even use candles to help us theme our Gift Baskets. We include Sentiments Candles  by Wax Lyrical or Special Message Candles by Pintail Candles.


My husband and I used to light candles in the evening after dinner when we got time to sit down and relax. Now with 2 young sons in the house we don't tend to light candles or have time to sit down! It made me think of the times people would most use candles, and so basically turned into a wishlist for me!

Romantic Meal

Yes the old classic of a romantic, candle lit meal. Helping to set the mood and create the perfect ambience for a lovely meal together. Time to put away your phones and actually talk to each other!


Relaxing Bath

A bath and candles just seem to compliment each other perfectly. And I must admit I got to experience this for the first time in almost a year recently, when Theo went for his first sleepover! Being able to dim the lights, light some candles and lie back to soak in the lovely, bubbly water was a wonderful feeling.


Chill Out Time

Like I mentioned before, even the simple act of sitting down to relax and put your feet up is the perfect opportunity for burning  candles. This might be in front of a cosy fire or wherever you can enjoy some "me time" bliss.



Yoga focuses on strength, flexibility and breathing by adopting postures and meditating. I attended Pregnancy Yoga classes and at the end of each class we had this lovely relaxation time with lovely scented candles.

Special Occasions

There is something special about candles and so they are perfect for lighting at special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, christenings, at Christmas. There really is so much choice and variety in candles that there is sure to be something for everyone.

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