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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Fruit & Flower Gifts 10.08.17

With my cousin's little girl's birthday on Sunday, you'd think I would be trying to spot some potential gift ideas out in the warehouse to. Except....nope, I completely forgot and the upstairs storage area where all the non-food items (ie. toys, pamper goods etc) are kept is being shuffled around so I can't even go upstairs for ideas because I'd just get in the way and be trampled underfoot or something.

Soo..... I guess I'll have to run out and do some last minute shopping. Is Paw Patrol still 'in' with 3-4 year olds? Maybe something Frozen related.... er... that's still 'in' too, right?

All else fails, I heard the little one is still super into fruits (seriously, stick an entire large fruit bowl in front of her, and she could finish it off as long as it's all cut into bite-size pieces) so I could probably get away from arriving with tons of fruit?

In which case, our baskets would have that problem sorted.


Also testing out a new angle of taking pictures of fruit and flower baskets. It seems a little boring to always take the picture of the plant sitting beside the basket, so I decided to try out the above - the plant in front of the basket. Not very sure if it worked.... but it gave an interesting colour composition.

The above is the Flower & Fruit basket. It would be leaving us and heading off to.... not very far from our head office actually - it's the same town, Bangor! For the birthday boy Stephen. It's a gift from his parents in the US and they want to wish him a Happy Birthday. Hopefully the weekend stays good for your Birthday, Stephen!


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