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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Gift Hampers 06.07.17

More than a few times, I had spoken of how much I marvel at the warehouse team's ability to pack everything into one container so perfectly. They surely must be amazing in puzzle games, Jenga blocks and Tetris. Each time I dare unpack a hamper just a liiiiiiittle bit, and even if I memorise exactly where each item was supposed to go, it still doesn't seem to quite fit that perfectly, like I was off by 3%. Then Angelica or Kasia would come along and within the blink of an eye correct it.... even though I did everything correctly in the first place! Magical!

Today's hamper of the day is a perfect example to show you.

As you can see, it's regular Cheesy Sunshine basket, but accompanied with a balloon and a bottle of sparkling wine, thus turning it into a Cheesy Sparkling Birthday gift.

Obviously you cannot fit the wine into that basket, and we don't have protective wine boxes for single bottles of wine either, so our only option is to pack all the contents, and wine, into a hamper the next size up. Hoooooow???? As you can see, the next hamper size up (the one underneath) isn't even all that much bigger?! How did they manage to do it? And the cheese were all put into a cool envelope too so how did they fit that in with everything (minus the balloon)? Simply magical skills, I believe!

This hamper is for Lynsay's mum in Glasgow, to celebrate her birthday since Lynsay couldn't be there for it this year.

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