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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Fruit & Flower Gifts 13.07.17

Hands up here, who is having a very bad hayfever season this year? Well, my hand is way, way up and up faster than the speed of light (if possible) My hayfever had been awwwwwful. I feel like I'm walking around with a box of tissues permanently armed to my side, and right eye is itchy and running so bad that the skin around it is a little scaley. Urrrrgh, please somebody invent a cure.

As such, it was with considerable internal moaning and groaning that I sludged out into the warehouse to take pictures for today's blog. I was not looking forward to facing the potted plants in there at all.

Thankfully! It turns out the baskets with the plants weren't ready anyways! Hooray! Now, to quickly take pictures and be out of there before they are ready!

I chose a fascinating basket today for the fruit blog. It's a customer creation by a customer in New York. The basket is a birthday present for Susan in Falmouth, UK.

Okay, I fully admit that the basket doesn't look that impressive in picture, but believe me, it is clever in person. You see, when you see it as a picture, it's 2D. But in person, you get to see all the different layers going on. In picture, it just seems like things piled in. But in person, it's actually really exciting, like you take away one layer, and there's another layer behind it! Take away the bottle of bubbly will reveal the fruits; take away frht spoon reavels more fruits; take away the pineapple and you find shortbread biscuits and a melon etc. I think the recipient is going to enjoyed this layered surprise gift!

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