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Teacher Gifts: Saying 'Thank You'

The End of Term Is Approaching and that can only mean one thing - Teacher Gifts!

This week I was explaining to my son that "school" was nearly over the summer, just to prepare him for the change. He's only 3.5 years old and attends Pre Pre School twice a week, so he counts time by the number of sleeps it will take. He then went into playgroup that day thinking it was his last day & that he'd soon be going on his holidays. I think he just heard what he wanted as he's excited about visiting his Great Auntie Anne in London. School here finishes at the end of June, so he in fact has one more week (or 2 days in his case.)

Although he seemed pleased that school is nearly finished for the Summer, I know he is going to miss the "Aunties" at Playgroup. He is particularly fond of Auntie Lesa, something I have been really pleased about as he was a little bit shy when he started & it was great to know he had someone he could turn to. We've also talked about his new Nursery School and he got to visit it last week, so he is excited to be starting there in September. He did ask if Auntie Lesa would be at his new nursery however, so I'm not sure how that news will go down. We moved across town last year and so applied to a Nursery closer to our new home, otherwise we'd have been very happy to continue where he was. Although leaving Auntie Lesa after 2 years might have been more difficult.

It's actually probably more me who is feeling a bit sad about his time in Playgroup coming to an end. He's had such good fun there, and really come out of his shell socially around other children. He's always been a fan of playing & talking to adults, but he now has little friends nearer his own age which is fantastic. So how do we go about thanking Teachers for all the hard work, care and attention they give to our children? With  "Thank You Teacher Gifts" of course.

My Mother-in-Law was a teacher, and some of my friends are too, and they always ended up with lots of "Teacher Gifts" from their class. With around 30 children in a class however that adds up to a lot of gifts and so they didn't always have room for it all.

With modern technology however, many classes now have Facebook or Whats App Groups for all the parents making it really easy to communicate with other mums and dads about school matters. It also made it very easy to discuss what gifts people were going to give., as Rowan's Playgroup has 4 Aunties to cater for. It was decided upon vouchers and a token gift such as flowers or wine & so we all agreed to put in £10 towards it. One kind parent then collected the money & another is going to purchase the vouchers. I think we will still get an individual "Thank You" gift card however, so as we can make it personal to Rowan's time there and thank them for all they have done for him.

This week we have noticed quite a few gift baskets being ordered as Thank You Gifts For Teachers (browse here) These are a great idea, as it is another way for a group of parents to club together to get a teacher something really special and thoughtful. A larger gift basket can also be shared amongst teachers and classroom assistants for example, and so you only have to organise the one main gift. Perfect!


We will let you know if we receive any feedback from the schools or our customers and hopefully the children don't try to dig in and take any sweeties for themselves!

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