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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Gift Hampers 15.06.17

Typical, before lunch, I had something witty to open this blog post with, but then my stomach was growling and demanding food, so I went on lunch, then came back and completely forgot what I wanted to write. So, typical, yes?

I remembered it was something about dads and cheese. So whilst I cannot remember what I meant to write, we'll just swing with that topic.

I find that most dads enjoys cheese. I'm not sure why, but cheese and dad goes hand in hand for me, much like beer and dad. My dad adores a good piece of Stilton, to the extent that he converted a previously stilton-hater (me) into a tolerably stilton-liker (not lover yet, he's still working on that) Unfortunately, we do not have any blue cheese in our gift hampers. However, we do have my utmost favourite - Red Leicester!

Pictured above in the Great Taste Award Cheesy Bronze, the Bandon Vale Red Leicester cheese is a bit milder in strength from the typical store-bought variants, but it has a beautiful smooth nutty flavour which makes it fascinating for cheese-lovers, and easily acceptable for any dads who are only just stepping into their cheese tasting journey. We've paired it with a creamy Carrigaline Garlic and Herb cheese as well for better contrast of taste. Try it with the oatcakes! You cannot go wrong.

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