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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Gift Basket Dispatches 29.06.17

I saw Andrea had been doing one blog for the daily dispatches recently and was wondering maybe if I should experiment with it and see how it goes. Well, I say 'experiment' but really, I am just too hungry for lunch to have the energy to think up 3 different blog posts into paragraphs.

Plus, this way means that you readers don't have to sit and read (or scroll) through all my waffling text for each post? Unless you enjoy my waffling text, in which case I suppose you're missing out of it this week. Though doing it this way does bring back the memories of when we did three baskets/hampers for each section.

But anyways, as you may have gathered already, I'm very hungry. I really should go for lunch actually; in fact, it was probably a very bad idea to wander out to the warehouse where all the food are sitting, nice and neat and lined and so tempting..... I was seriously eyeing up the biscuit section for a while, and wondering if there was a damaged box somewhere that I could secretly nibble on while I worked on the pictures. Alas, our staff take too good a care with their shelving and there was no damages biscuit boxes to be found.

So let's start with the Hamper of the Day. It's a huge hamper of bakery goods which had me looking at it like I haven't been fed for several days - the Bountiful Thank You hamper.

It might not look very big from the picture, but please notice, that the jars at the front. Those are standard sized marmalade/jam jars. Then compare their size to the hamper behind, and imagine how many jars would fit in that hamper. Yes, that is a very big hamper of delicious bakery goodies. You have oatcakes, oat biscuits, sodabread toasts, almond biscuits, shortbread, cupcakes, muffins, mini cakes, chocolate cake, tea cake and okay, I'm going to stop listing because I would probably push myself beyond the edge and really might eat one of these things. Which wouldn't do very well for the intended recipients in Blackrock, IE.

(Please insert calming elevator music here while I cave in and go for lunch)

Ah, back with a satisfied tummy, alongside a good serving of indecision over whether I should get myself a cup of tea for the afternoon .... and maybe a biscuit, but I'm trying to be good! A girl can dream, I suppose.

Speaking of girls dreaming, we have a basket called Girl's Dream, and it's the first time I actually managed to catch one sitting out ready for photography (instead of having whizzed right by me and into a packaging transport box already). So it's perfect for featuring as the Basket of the Day.

The Girl's Dream gift basket (left) is a basket for young girls over 5 years old. It's a neat collection of pink and girlish toys such as Barbie (with an extra snazzy outfit to change her into if you so choose), Sluban construction bricks to make a pet  and dog wash, more Barbie items in the form of an activity set, an Ezee Beads pets design kit and  a design you own peel off stickers kit!

Right next to it, is the Busy Bee for Girls gift basket, which is for girls a little bit younger, 3-4 years old. This cute set has Peppa Pig themed items, comes with a Disney Princess Sofia jigsaw to get those clever minds and busy hands occupied, and a chocolate lolly for the sweet tooth, and more. What can I say? We have gift baskets suitable for all ages.

Our final basket is one for the Fruit/Flower Basket of the Day.

We have a more sombre basket feature today. It's a sympathy basket called Sincerest Sympathy.

Just two days ago, I was hit with the news of a friend's grandparent had unfortunately passed away. My family and I had originally thought of perhaps sending a gift basket to express our condolences, and this was one of the ones from our Baskets Galore range. It has fresh fruit, cheese, chilled meats, biscuits and chocolates - just a little bit of everything to help the recipient family out during this rough week of theirs. We did not go for a basket in the end, but it's nice to see a customer had chosen to send one to one of their dearests in Bathgate, UK.


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