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Gift Delivery Changes No Problem For BasketsGalore

Gift Delivery Process

Now you may think that we have it a bit easier here in the office, as we get to sit at our desks while the warehouse are busily at work packing baskets. But, there are sometimes occasions when we too have to dash about. This is generally for a last minute, rush out order or if a customer needs to change the gift delivery address etc.

It happened to us very recently when we were very busy dispatching lots of lovely gifts baskets to mums for Mothering Sunday. At the end of the day we send all our customers their tracking codes for that days dispatches, so as they know their gift basket is on the way and can follow the gift delivery progress the following day.

Shortly after sending these emails out we received a reply to one, at 17.14 pm, stating that the recipient wasn't going to be at home for the next couple of days to sign for their gift.

​"Dear Customer Service, Unfortunately my Mother shall not be back until the Sunday of Mother's day 26th March 2017. Can I have the gift delivered for that date instead or will it need to be the Monday 27th March. Please let me know what you can do?"

Don't Panic!

Emails like this strike fear into our hearts as at this stage the gift basket has already been packed and collected by our gift delivery company. We have to quickly look to see what type of gift basket has been ordered. If it is a pampering or tea & biscuits hamper this is less of a problem, as there is nothing perishable inside. This means we can phone through to the gift delivery company to try to stop a delivery attempt being made and then ask them to keep it on hold for a day or 2. Delivery can then be scheduled for a date after the recipient has returned home. More problems arise when the basket contains fresh fruit, flowers, smoked salmon or cheese.  You can probably imagine the mild panic that ensued when we realised Mr Parkes had indeed sent a basket with quite a lot of cheese in it & his mum wasn't going to be home for another week!
If the package had already left us it would mean having to try to stop a delivery attempt being made again and ALSO getting the basket returned to us so as the cheese can be stored appropriately. Then a fresh basket & new gift delivery paperwork would need to be created closer to the new gift delivery date.

"Bless Your Running Legs!"

It was Lauren to the rescue however, as she has always been good at running. When she heard it was a cheese basket going to Limerick that needed to be stopped, she exclaimed that Nightline may not have collected from us yet & promptly sprinted off to the "Goods Out" area of the warehouse. She was pleased to find all packages for Ireland were still sitting there (phew), and waded her way through them until she found the one for "Mum Parkes" in Limerick. Success! She was then able to stop it being dispatched & cancel it off the collection system for that day.
Lauren then emailed Mr Parkes to let him know she had chased his parcel down, getting her exercise for the day. She also explained they didn't deliver on Sunday's, but it would be rescheduled for Monday delivery. Mr Parkes' reply made us all chuckle, as we pictured poor Lauren's mad dash:

"Bless your running legs, you're a Saint. Monday will be Perfect. Many many thanks for that, ​Kind and thankful regards​"

Racing Ahead In Gift Delivery Service
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