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BasketsGalore Customer Gifts – Gift Baskets Of The Day 07.04.16

Okay, so we have a custom gift basket heading out today and the customer specifically requested for our Star Wars Lego Set to be included within the contents. Okay, no biggie, the team made it up, then one of our office staff took a picture of it. Only problem is, the picture then ended up in my hands with instructions to jazz it up to feature on the Basket of the Day blog. Okay, no probs!

Since it had a Star Wars set in it, I then started having ideas of "Wouldn't it be cool if I could make the picture a bit more space-themed? I mean, how hard is it to render as space background? It's just black, with a splash of stars, right?" Worst idea EVER!

"Jazz it up," they said.

"Go completely overboard," my head said.

I looked up how to render planets, how to render the sun, thankfully the stars background had some templates for me to use in our online graphic program, but yeah.... I'll leave the photoshopping to the Design team, next time.

Ultimately though, I was mighty pleased with results and have to say I didn't do too bad. The sun I rendered didn't make it on the picture, because it was rather awful looking. But I did get bursts of light working! Check it out!

This custom basket was ordered by Zehra in the United States. She had picked out all the contents late last evening and the order reached us just before midnight. The girls saw the Lego set listed and immediately requested a photo of it, and boy were their intuition perfect! Look at how awesome it looks!

It's a custom Birthday present for Tasnim in London. May the Force be with You, Tasnim!

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