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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Gift Baskets 11.04.17

It's not everyday that you walk into the packaging area of the warehouse and see a whole lineup of lambs in baskets, all looking like they are focus very attentively to one side.

These are the Easter Baskets for Younger Child, all cellophane wrapped and ready to go into their protective packaging box for delivery. I find it rather funny how they all seem to be looking to one side, almost as if they are attentively listening to somebody/something to the left (maybe instructions on how to protect the basket during transit?) but then, fo course, you have that one wayward lamb (middle right) which got distracted by something else (probably fascinated by how ribbon wrap process which was happening there)

Amongst all the lambs, I managed to find a rabbit.

It's not an Easter basket, and I probably should have chosen to feature an Easter one to be occasion/seasonal, but I couldn't resist this super duper fluffy bunny. It's so fluffy! I just wanted to huggle it. Plus, it's one of soft toys with a microwaveable insert, which meant it is bound to give some really warm cuddles - perfect for the current weather? (Don't know about you, but I find it rather chilly at night nowadays)

Anyways, this Cozy Cuddles basket is for Georgine, London, UK. and was ordered by her girl pals all the way over in New Zealand!

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