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Basket of the Day – 03.03.17 - Gifts To Say Sorry

As Friday has rolled around again it's time for our "Basket of the Day" blog. This is actually really hard, as we can only pick one beautiful basket to showcase from the ones going out today.

One particularly large gift basket caught my eye though, as it is just full to the brim with yummy baked goodies and it is the "Old England Gift Basket"


Team Sharing Gift Baskets

This bakery gift basket was created a few years ago as part of our team sharing range. This particular one is suitable for a group of 6-12 people as it has around 30+ different items in it. These items have evolved over the months and years to keep the basket fresh and up to date with our latest product offerings. Items inside include a selections of tray bakes, muffins, biscuits, cakes, chocolates, truffles, cookies, flapjacks and drinks such as traditional tea, fruity tea and drinking chocolate.

This "Old England" gift basket was ordered by a company in Baltimore, US for a team if London, UK to pass on their apologies in regards to a project they collaborated on.

This is a more unusual reason for sending a gift basket, although we do see a few "I'm sorry" gift baskets. They tend to be from a company apologising for an error or inconvenience or from someone who is in the doghouse with a loved one!

What basket could you receive that would definitely make you forgive someone?

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