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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Gift Hampers 23.02.17

Again, just like last week, I am stuck in the puzzle of what on earth do I start off the dispatch blog with.I think I may had just been staring at the screen for a grand five minutes there and nothing came to mind, so I guess you'd just have to bear with me as I just lay my hands on the keyboard and proceed to 'wing' this intro paragraph with my usual moans and groans.

Oh hey, wait, I guess maybe there IS something to write about? It's actually Victoria's last day here in the office. Sad face! I'm going to miss coming into the office in the morning and having our usual goss as I wait for my computer to boot up. Also miss having our very late morning cup of tea together.... granted it is hardly 'together', since she goes gets her cuppa at around 9 or 10ish, whilst I don't unbury my head from spreadsheets until 11 or 12 noon when numbers starts merging together in my eyes and my brain is sounding all the alarms, gasping for a cup of tea. Poor Victoria always have water boiled for me during her tea making, and I keep forgetting and not actually getting mine until much later.

Speaking of tea, I spotted a hamper with one of my favourites leaving us today.

Good ol' Earl Grey. I usually like Lady Grey more because some brands of Earl Grey are a bit more pungent or strong, whilst Lady Grey is more delicate and mild. But Qi Tea's Earl Grey is rather different. I cannot quite put my finger on it, but it's very warm and there is something immensely 'afternoon tea' feel around it. Today's tea is in the Classic Thank You hamper which is going to a company in Glasgow, UK, as a thank you for giving Emily (also from Glasgow, UK)  the opportunity to work with them last year.

Now, last week, I had covered a Chocolate Celebration hamper. This week, there are two more of these leaving out warehouse today, but I figured, hey, I covered those only too recently, let's change it up for something else. So I went down the line and chose a smaller Chocolate hamper.

This is a Chocolate Wine Eruption and my, it looks delicious, especially the new Butlers hot chocolate drink. Mmmmm, you know, I still haven't tried that one yet - hint hint nudge nudge to the taste test team.  The one receiving this chocolate goodness in a hamper is none other than Braden in Cork, IE. It's his birthday present form his parents, Kyle, Lucas and Mackenzie.

The last hamper is a birthday hamper.

Age Improves With Wine could probably be considered a gift basket instead of a gift hamper? I dunno, maybe I'm cheating a little in this blog here, haha? But really, what defines a hamper and what defines a basket? Generally all open top baskets are baskets and hampers are the ones with lids, right? But what about size? If a basket is big then it's considered a hamper. Or if it contains savoury items like cheese, it's considered a hamper? The lines are a bit blurred, me thinks. Anyways, let's just say this is a hamper today and saves us all the backward and forward reasonings and arguments. This hamper comes with a luxury birthday card to boot as all, definitely one for those who likes to send something a little on the luxury looking side.

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