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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Gift Hampers 16.02.17

It felt like I spent forever taking pictures in the warehouse today, mainly because I spotted a really rare hamper which is filled with pamper items instead of food items, and I was running around trying to find all the pamper items.

As you can see, I didn't really succeed. Now, you may say "Kate, all the items are in the hamper; why run around for them?" to which the answer would be that I am very sure the assembly team would give me the most disapproving stare down if I took everything out, mainly because I would be absolutely useless at figuring out how to put it all back in again., and they had spent X amount of time figuring out how to put it together int he first place -  so it feels like I had effectively ruined all their hard work and would be forcing them to do it all over again.  So, nowadays,  I just open up the hamper, remove only the top most layer of shred, and go fetch whatever is not visible in the hamper.

Now, this would usually be no problem at all. I do it aaaaaall the time.... except it's pamper items this time and I have no idea where everything is. Seriously, I just went upstairs to where all the pamper items are store and stood there like a deer caught in the headlights - I didn't even know where to start! Shamefully, I managed to find a grand 2 items amongst the seemingly bazillions products up there before calling it quits. Here, let me cheat and share with you the list of contents in this fabulous custom pamper hamper instead:

  •  Wicker  Hamper  With  Leather  Straps
  •  Arboria  Body  Care  by  Scottish  Fine  Soaps
  •  Wild  Olive  Cocktail  Party  Bath  Melts
  •  'Unplug  Uncork  Unwind'  Candle
  •  Ladies  Ritz  Carlton  Satin  Weave  Slippers
  •  You  are  Loved  Mug  by  Enesco
  •  Sunshine  &  Bloom  Adult  Colouring  Book  by  Rachel  Ellen
  •  Reed  Diffuser  by  Wax  Lyrical
  •  Chocolate  Cows
  •  Butlers  Hot  Chocolate  Drink  240g
  •  "Grow  A  Message"  Jute  Bag  Gift  Set
  •  Foot  Pumice  and  Foot  Butter  by  7th  Heaven
  •  Pinot  Noir  Sparkling  Chardonnay  75cl
  •  Flip  Flop  Manicure  Set
  •  Faber  Castell  Professional  Colour  Eco  Pencils  with  free  sharpener

Wow! Pamper Hamper indeed! I want one now!

Okay, with that opener out of the way, (I still want a hamper like that) let's go back to the food.

For the chocoholics, we have the Chocolate Celebration hamper. It was ordered as a thank you gift by a student in Tyrrelstown, IE and it's being sent to a hospital they had worked a placement at. There was even special mentions in the (very) long gift message of all the individual people they wanted to thank.

We would end todays set of blogs with an Artisan Deli hamper.

This is a basket to congratulate Brendan on his new home and it comes with a sweet message of "Wishing you all the very best settling in and making it your own. May your new address give you lots of happiness, peace, and enjoyment." It has a little of everything - chocolates, biscuits, snacks - but mostly focused on chilled items such as salmon, ham, air-dried meat and cheese, which are all great introductions to a new empty fridge in a new home. Enjoy, Brendan!



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