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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Fruit & Flower Gifts 23.02.17

It's a little ironic that I'm writing this dispatch blog about fruit which is considered healthy, whilst I am working my way through a chocolate donut. But hey, somebody have to help get rid of the donuts we got for Victoria's last day today, right? Don't mind if I do.

Anyways, my chocolatey treat aside, let's look at the healthy treats.

Be Good To Yourself is all about treating yourself to some healthy yummies. This basket contains a selection of pineapple, melons, kiwis, grapes, apples, plums, oranges and more. Alongside a box of high omega granola, coconut water (mmmmmmm, yum, still my current obsession) and packets of flaxseed, perfect for waking you up in the morning and energy boosting for the rest of the day.

Speaking of healthy fruit, when would they benefit you the most other than when you're not feeling well?

The Get Well Fruit Basket for Him is perfect for any gentlemen who is feeling under the weather. If they are anything like my brother, who avoids fruit like like a plague sometimes, sending them a basket like this when they're ill is a great way to encourage them to eat fruit. Not only that, but there are puzzles and other nibbles in there to help keep them distracted from boredom - all in one basket. What more can you ask for?

Or maybe the 'more' you'd ask for is flowers?

Then how about this Flowers & Fruit gift basket? This one is for Elizabeth in Croydon who is also not feeling too well.  I'm trying to identify the accompanying plant here. It's definitely not a rose plant, not any of our other usual flowering plants such as daisies and er... I can't remember the name of the other plants we stock. Anyways, let's peek at the label.... Flaming Katy? Oh, that's the first I've heard of it. Apparently they are plants which are ideal as gift plants because they can bloom any time throughout the year, and they are really easy to take care of too! Perfect as a get well gift then, because the recipient wouldn't have to climb out of bed as often to take care of the plant.

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