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Feeling A Little Bit Blue This Monday?

So not only is today Monday, it is in fact BLUE MONDAY. Yes that's right, it's officially the most depressing day of the year. Well for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere anyway. I suppose it's the post Christmas/Holiday blues, combined with the dark days, cold weather, credit card bills etc that contribute to this.

Sadness blue monday

We were chatting about this in the office and coming up with a good thing about today, rather than focusing on the bad. It can be the little things in life to perk you up, like a decent cup of coffee, a chocolate fix or a cuddle from your nearest and dearest. Talking to or spending time with family & friends is always a great way to feel better, taking up a new hobby or perhaps booking a holiday/trip away so there is something to look forward to. What have you done today/lately to cheer yourself up?

Your diet can also have quite an effect on your mood and we put a great deal of thought into our latest selection of fresh fruit gift baskets. They consist of a base of quality fruits themed around a particular idea.  These are further modified to give you, the customers, ideas as to what you wish to send.  Our fruit baskets are constantly evolving as we strive to meet your needs while allowing for seasonal changes in the market. The latest selection of fruit baskets reflect the increasing health awareness of customers who desire a more specific combination of fruits for health reasons or dietary requirements. We hope you are going to enjoy them.

One example is our Pro Alkaline Extra where the stars are peaches or nectarines, sable grapes & medjool dates surrounded by more traditional fruit components.  This basket can be yours for £49.99. Also proving popular is our new Hi Lo Fructose Gift Basket which contains examples of low fructose fruits such as Pink Grapefruit, melon, avocado and coconut along with some higher fructose fruits such as oranges, red & green apples, oranges, kiwi, plums and grapes.  Hi Lo is £39.99.  For those of you who need an energy boost in the mid morning why not try our Fruit Power Gift Basket with it's slow energy eliciting fruits such as mango, bananas, lychees or figs, and dates.  Perfect for an alternative morning coffee break!  Fruit Power is £49.99.

We also have a range of Healthy, Ingredient Themed Fruit Baskets to stock their cupboards up with and hopefully provide them with some extra energy.

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