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Baskets of the Day Thursday 06.10.16

Oh my, it's so busy in the office today! The phones just kept ringing and ringing. Roma and I just felt as if we seem to be answering the phone constantly throughout the day. Even just writing this, the phone is still ringing and I had to stop and answer a call or two. Poor Roma had a very confused gentleman on the phone with her who was convinced we're his business partner in Pakistan? We kept telling him he got the wrong number, hopefully he'd listen and understand reason soon.

Not only that, but the warehouse team is super busy as well. They're in endless meetings over how to arrange, prepare and optimise the floorspace and storage for Christmas hampers and baskets. Already the old archives room had been emptied out, apparently in preparation for them to put in a bigger doorway so that they can use the room for baskets storage instead of putting old sales records. I wonder where my archive filing cabinet is going to go now....

So, as such, you'd have to forgive me as I cheat a little with today's daily dispatch blog and give you a Baskets (yes, plural!) of the Day picture, instead of focusing on 3 baskets, 3 hampers and 3 fruit baskets.

Baskets of the Day

I did choose some beautiful ones though!

On the left, is a customer creation made by Charlotte (Camberly, UK). It's for her sister Sophie. The message is full of thought too: "To my beautiful sister Sophie, I know you've been feeling pretty crap so I wanted to get you something to hopefully cheer you up a bit!  I love you lots and hope you know you can talk to me any time! xoxoxoxo"

On the top right, is a Lions Bakerloo for Sam and Ali's Mum and Dad in Bolton, UK. It's a wonderful thank you gift for helping Sam and Ali move into their new home. "It just couldn't have happened without you both" - they wrote. Yes, an extra two pair of hands is indispensable when you're moving. Extra help packing, extra help unpacking, extra help cleaning - the last one is the most important, I think?

The basket in front is a Cheesy Get Well Soon from a company in Watford. It's going to a colleague of theirs, specifically a doctor, who isn't feeling very well. We hope the basket would bring a cheesy smile to your face, it's just what the (another?) doctor ordered!


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