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Baskets Galore Customer Gifts – Gift Hampers 05.10.16

You know, seeing all these gift being made up and sent out reminded's actually my cousin's birthday today? Whoops, forgot! Shame on me! We use to be rather close as well - grew up together and even went to the same uni courses. I guess I better figure out something, stat! I wonder if he would want a gift hamper? Like a The Gourmet Hamper?

2410579 The GourmetThe Gourmet is the name of our new version of Gourmet Cheese & Wine. It's going to take us a while to wrap our head around the new name since we had the old name for so many years, and it was one of our bestsellers as well! The new version looks fantastic! We switched some of the products in and out, and now The Gourmet comes with some divine fruit crisps and Creamy Caramels with Sea Salt. Let's take a look at the paperwork to see who the lucky individual for this hamper is. Ooo! It is for Kenneth (Alton, UK) who is celebrating his birthday tomorrow. The gift was organised by his family in Adelaide, AU.

Okay, I don't think my cousin quite fancy alcohol, so maybe the next hamper might be a better suited birthday hamper?

2410611 100 Alcohol FreePatrick's (Barking, GB) 100% Alcohol Free hamper is ticking all the right boxes. Variety - tick. Award winning products - tick. Sweet - tick. Savoury - tick. Perfect - tick! He's getting this as a congratulations on a new job. Wait... I think I have a cousin who just got a new job as well... oh dear, that's another gift I might have to consider getting?

Clearly, I have too many cousins (I lost count of how many I have) and I cannot get a gift hamper for each and every one for every occasion. I'd just have to save it for my favourites. And if there are any favourite cousins out there, the Artisan Wine Deli would be on a lot of their wish list.

2410653 Artisan Wine Deli

The hamper boasts a more savoury taste sensation than a sweet one, and that suits my relatives fine because they love their savoury food and not all of them has a sweet tooth. This hamper has an impressive selection of chilled meats such as ham, salami, salmon etc. Now, cousins of mine, go fight over who should be my favourite.

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