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Baskets Galore Customer Gifts – Fruit & Flower Gifts 19.10.16

Onto the final daily dispatch blog of the day, fruit and flowers! And boy do I have a gorgeous one to start off with.

2410901 Sparkling Fruit Hamper

This is the beautiful Sparkling Fruit Hamper which had joined our range only a few months ago.  I don't know about you, but seeing this basket just screams romance for me. There is something very romantic about this basket for me. I think it is the combination of colours - the purples of the plums and grapes, with the pink of the flowers, and reds of the apples. Or maybe it's the snacks of chocolates making goo-goo eyes at me? Okay, look AWAY from the goo-goo eyes, Kate. You wouldn't want me starting to get ideas on a basket very much not intended for me, and very much IS intended for the lovely Samantha in Colchester, UK.

Onto the flowers portion of this blog, a Flowers and Treats basket is leaving our depot today.

2410892 Flowers & TreatsYou'd think one gift basket is usually enough of a gift, apparently not for this customer though. Her gift message read: "Ok I went a little overboard so I apologise this is much bigger than what I was originally planning..but I hope this brightens your day. You have something else (much smaller) coming a bit later, but I thought until that arrives you should have something to keep you busy."

So not only is the recipient getting one present, but two? What is the occasion and how do I sign myself up for it?

To another flowery gift basket, we have a Flowers To Say.

2410869 Flowers to Say

Ordered by Elizabeth-Anne in Aberystwyth, UK, with a Welsh Happy Birthday gift message (thank you online translators) for her, this gift basket is for a Mrs. Richards in Porthmadog, UK. I always love this basket for this blog, because it seems to be the very definition of fruit and flowers, and not just that, there are other content in the form of shortbread, jams, cheese, crackers, tea, cake! How can so many things be in one basket? It's amazing!



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