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Basket of the Day 27.10.16

How many of you had noticed that we had been featuring more Basket of the Day posts nowadays instead of our standard fare of 3 Daily Dispatch blogs each day? I feel a bit bad sometimes when we have to resort to this, but then it gets to my day of writing the dispatch blog and I am rushing everywhere (much like a very, VERY confused mouse) and writing 3 blog posts is just impossible with the current daily workload. So resorting to Basket of the Day actually gives a great sense of relief. I'm sorry readers! We will return to normal and consistent daily blog posts once things get less hectic.

Anyways, onto the basket. We have a special basket today. It's a Cheesy Congratulations basket, but the customer had  customised it with some additional items because it's going as a hen party gift! Wooo!

Basket of the Day 27.10.16

And to a hotel as well. This reminds me of when I created a gift hamper for my cousin's hen party a few years ago, and how we somehow or the other managed to keep a giant hamper hidden from her even though we were travelling up to the hotel together! (It took a lot of hiding behind bushes and creeping through hallways)

The sender is unfortunately unable to join the bride-to-be and her girls for the hen party (the sender is currently in Australia) but she ordered this as a surprise for the girls anyways. On top of the usual contents of the Cheesy Congratulations basket, she added a Hen Party album for them to keep memories in and a Hen Party wine glass for the bride to drink out of on the night.

Have fun, girls! Remember, what happens at the Hen Do, stay at the Hen Do.


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