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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Gift Baskets 28.09.16

I was only away for two weeks and I return to not one new basket, but a LOT of new baskets in our range. Oh dear, seems like I have a lot of catching up to do. It seems like most of the new baskets are birthday baskets though, so I guess I better start calculating from there? (I'm pretty sure there are some updates in the baby baskets which I might need to recalculate, but my mind is still foggy as to which ones - curse, jet-lag)

The first one I spot was the Gentleman's 70th, 80th, 90th Birthday Basket which comes with fashionable gift mugs.

2410473 Gentleman's 80th BirthdayThe mugs are new to our range and we're very excited to stock age mugs for the wise and old now! Be sure to check out the Lady's version as well. Todays' Gentleman birthday basket is for a 80-years-young recipient in Schifferstadt, Germany.

Now, the next gift basket is one I would love to gift my brother (but only if I have an reason to, don't want to spoil him for no reason).

7909762 No-.1 Brother

It's the No. Brother/Son Gift Basket. Today's variant is the Brother basket which comes with a 'Coolest Brother Ever' basket. My dear brother Jon, if you are reading this, I would love to get you one as an apology for dropping paint in your hair, thank you for carrying all my shopping bags and general display of love from one older sister to her dear younger brother.... but then I remembered how it is NOT your birthday, how you gave me such a bad bruise on my knee that it lasted the entire holiday, how you steal the bathroom each time I am dying to go, and then how you kept us all up with your dinosaur-like snoring, so er, yeah, maybe it's not a good idea to gift you outside of Christmas and Birthday...

Anyways, my brother aside, let's move onto the last gift basket for today's blog!

1201110 Expectant Mum

This beautiful Expectant Mum basket is flying off to New Milton, UK tomorrow. Unfortunately, we cannot book for it to be flown over by stork but we can certainly arrange for it to be delivered by our couriers. Tracking details be  this afternoon through email just in case the sender wants to check the progress, whether they do or not, our team would track delivery ourselves in the afternoon as well and will alert them when their lovely gift is delivered. Thank you for ordering with us!

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