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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Fruit and Flower Gifts 28.09.16

Woohoo! Guess who is back? Little ol' me! I was away on holiday to Hong Kong for two weeks... well, I say it's a holiday, but I had spent about 3 days of it help paint every single room of my uncle's flat because that was our condition to staying there for free. Then 2 other days was spent pretty much being my parents' shopping assistant a.k.a luggage mule, as they decided that they simply must stock up on everything and anything (tea leaves, chicken powder, preserves, tinned food, slippers, laundry hangers, cakes, biscuits etc), my mum even brought back one of those floor wipe sticks/broom things just because she claims it was much better than the one we had at home (it is exactly the same).

The most important thing she wanted to bring though was fruit. She dearly wanted to bring mangoes home, but that was not happening because it wasn't in season. Needless to say, I am rather baffled as to why she wanted to bring fruit back over here when we can get most of them easy enough. I should know, I see them in our fruit baskets!

1002611 Colour Me HappyLike this Colour Me Happy. Look at all the fruits! The grapes look exactly the same as the one I saw in Hong Kong, we really don't need to bring th-- okay, apparently that goes into the handheld luggage. Yes, there is no convincing mothers sometimes. Maybe she just need some relaxation like the colouring books this basket has to offer. I'd always loved colouring things in, but I hated colouring large areas with the same colour. It was so boring. So these new adult colouring books is just perfect! Intricate and very little large expanse of the same thing, perfect for keeping minds sharp and alert, instead of bored. I wonder if the recipient, Cate (Northwood, UK) shares the same sentiment?

Speaking of staying alert and sharp, what better way than a Revitaliser for Her basket?

2410543 Revitaliser for HerIdeal for boosting your mood, energies and refreshing your mind. This basket contains delicious juicy fruit, a mind boggling wooden puzzle, magazines for your viewing pleasure and oooo yummy chocolates. I think I need one of these after my 12+hours of flight time travelling back over here, especially when the in-flight entertainment had been rather poor this time and I was bored silly.

Speaking of entertainment, we had recently been stocking a new product and if you look very carefully, you can spy it in this customer created basket.

803817 CYODo you see it? It's in the bottom right corner of the basket, just under the teddy. It's a Grow Your Own Sunflower set! And you start off with using the very exact containing box the set is in as the growing container, before transplanting the whole box into a bigger pot or your garden. The box is biodegradable too - super easy growing kit, if you ask me. Edward and Kafilat (Carshalton, UK) would be getting this lovely customised basket tomorrow, to celebrate the arrival of their new baby boy. I guess the idea is for the sunflower to grow up alongside the new baby arrival? What a sweet idea.


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