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A Week In The Life Of A Baskets Galore Customer Service Advisor

Well, Well, Well...Hello Folks! How about a little catch up? As per usual we have all been busy bees in the BG Office but I thought I would entertain you all with an update of my Week In The Life Of A Baskets Galore Customer Service Advisor.

How I Helped A Customer:

Whilst putting together all the Gift Card Messages for the days dispatch, I noticed one particular Baby Gift Basket Order that didn't seem to be correct. Our customer had ordered the Organic Baby Gift Basket - Girl but in the Gift Message, they are congratulating the couple on the birth of a Baby Boy... Uh Oh! I sent a quick email to our customer explaining my concern and what do you know? Our customer accidentally purchased the wrong basket! This was an easy fix as I notified the Warehouse Staff and changed the Gift Card. Our customer was a lucky duck as I have a good eye ;)


Something Nice/Rewarding That Happened:

I have to admit, I do get pretty excited when I scroll through our Reviews and notice I have a little mention. It's like a confirmation that you are doing a good job and you've really helped make a customer happy! Recently I reached out to our customer Jill as she forgot to add a Gift Message, although she was unable to reply before our cut off, I got her back... Just have a look at her lovely review:

'In my haste to organize a birthday basket from overseas I forgot to add a message. Victoria from Baskets Galore noticed that I usually sent my daughter a gift at this time of year to this address so she kindly added a short greeting from mum and dad. I thought this was most thoughtful and I appreciated the gesture.'


Something Difficult/Frustrating That Happened:

Lately there has been a few complaints regarding delivery of our customer's Gift Baskets. This is quite frustrating as we always send our Gift Baskets out on time and with professional and reliable couriers. We have several couriers all of which hold an express, overnight delivery contract. When I log on in the morning and see a customer is upset as the courier has either Attempted Delivery or Cannot Locate Address, resulting in a non delivery, I'm always disappointed. We work extremely hard to freshly prepare and dispatch all of our Gift Baskets. I'm always grabbing the phone to look into this or emailing the depots, thankfully we are usually able to resolve these problems, it's just a little disappointing when a recipient is not in to receive their Gift. However, our Baskets are so lovely they are worth the wait!


Most Excited Purchaser:

Again whilst scrolling through the Reviews, I noticed our customer Lyse had commented on her fabulous BG experience. She had purchased the Flowers For Her Gift Basket to send Good Luck Wishes to her daughter on her first day at work :)

'What an amazing experience from easy ordering to communication with customer service and payment! When this beautiful basket was delivered , the recipient was so very happy with all of the yummy and beautiful contents. The fresh flowers were a wonderful touch. It is as nice to receive a gift and even nicer to be the sender ! Thank you for all of your fantastic service !
Lyse B'

Flowers for Her

Best Gift Basket:

This was an easy pick this week, the BG creators have been hard at work making various new ranges and upgrades... and I noticed a great one. The Lions Victoria (inspired by the London Underground) although I can't help but love it and in my eyes, this is my Basket ;)

'Our Lions Victoria Gift Basket range invites you to sample a selection of delicious handmade sweet delights, produced by a variety of extremely talented homegrown artisan food producers here in Great Britain & Ireland'

Something Funny That Happened: 

As I'm such a multitasker  here in the BG Office, I recently signed for a delivery and we had quite an entertaining delivery man. He was immediately taken by my office wear - a  camouflage jumpsuit. (We don't particularity have a uniform).  He definitely had a good laugh at my expense, asking me if I'd always had an interest in joining the army and that I'd do well in camouflage training... Ha Ha


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