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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Gift Hampers 25.08.16

You know, I notice that I ramble and get a bit chatty quite often during the start of these blogs. I wonder if anybody actually reads all these things I babble about, or do you just go "too long, didn't read" (TL;DR if you're into internet abbreviations, or "teal deer" if you're into internet slang?)  and SKIP, right to the juicy parts where I cover the baskets and hampers? Let me know! So that I'm not sitting here worrying about whether I'm taking the correct approach to this our not.

Anyways, if you are part of the SKIP team, then here is the juicy part.

504476 Artisan Fayre

An Artisan Fayre, ordered by a gentleman in Dunboyne, IE, for Ann and Mike (Beaufort, IE) as thank you got their support and help over the past week. The sender's message then goes onto talking about a great challenge and journey. Sounds like quite a story. I wonder if they would share? The story, I mean! Not the hamper! Though if they do want to share the hamper, I don't really mind....

Now, what is a daily dispatch photoshoot without me forgetting one thing or another? I think this is starting to become a bad habit of mine? This week's excuse is that I really, really, reeeeally couldn't find a bottle of Pinot Noir to put in the picture. There wasn't even one in the hamper!

504478 Titanium RougeSo I think we must have just run out and somewhere somebody in the team is running around trying to find a way to buy one ASAP. Anyways, this is the Titanium Rouge hamper (minus the Pinot Noir). It's a thank you and get well soon hamper rolled into one, going to Deirdre (Redcross, IE)

Last but not least, let's go for some chocolates!

2409882 & 1002551 Chocolate Mania

We have two Chocolate Mania hampers leaving out warehouse today. One is for  Suzanne's (Oxted, UK) birthday (Happy 40th!) and the other is from an estate agent who is sending a 'congratulations on your purchase' hamper to one of their clients. Is getting a gift hamper when you buy property a thing now? I don't remember getting one when I got a place! Where can I claim mine?

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