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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Gift Hampers 18.08.16

Remember last week how I took a picture of a Cheesy Sunshine and said they could be baskets and hampers? (Or was that the week before?) Well here is another example.

I even jazzed it up with some tastefully drapped ribbons (again, stolen right under the team's noses and they were a bit impatient to get it back so they can resume with their ribbon making) Rather than cellophane wrap the Cheesy Sunshine, like the one on top, and pop the champagne in with the balloon separately, our team instead puts it all into a lidded hamper, like the one below. This way, the champagne if secured into the hamper and doesn't roll around, risking it either smashing or squashing other products. The balloon is still kept separate though. Don't want it popping in the hamper. The lucky guy getting this hamper is Mikhail (London, UK)

Moving onto another champagne hamper, let's have a look at Nic and Amanda's gift. They would be receiving at their home in Stoke-On-Trent tomorrow as a wedding gift.

2409636 Champagne Connoiseur

This Champagne Connoisseur (did I spell it right?) is just the thing to send for a newlywed couple. Champagne to celebrate with, cheese and nibbles for sharing and a basket to enjoy together. Even though the hamper is more savoury based, I think with the thoughts behind it, and the occasion it's for, it's the sweetest hamper of the day.

The last hamper is a Brunch Basket. Again, like the Cheesy Sunshine, we call it a basket, but really it's more of a hamper.

1105676 Brunch Basket

I really wanted to take a photo of this one because it had bacon in it! Not a lot of our hampers have bacon in it, so when one is ordered, it makes me go 'yay! Photo opportunity!" It just makes the hamper look so different and adds on this extra luxury factor to it. This hamper is being dispatched today and would be out for delivery tomorrow to Alan (Dromore, UK). He had ordered it to go to himself so that he could pass it onto the end recipient in person.

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