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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Gift Baskets 25.08.16

Wow, it feels like I'm whizzing through these blog posts today. Maybe I'm extra inspired to write today, but I seem to be getting through them a lot faster than usual. I think it's because I had a chocolate muffin and a cup of tea beside me to fuel my creative processes on. Nothing like a bit of chocolate goodness and a cuppa to help you work.

Anyways, today's random knowledge of the day about me. My family and I LOVE candle stores. It's not even that we buy a lot of candles (we only buy them when there's a big sale going on) but we're very nosy people and love to nosy at new candle scents. Our favourite then to be the fruity ones. As such, when I see a candle tin named Mandarin Peach in a basket, I just had to find a sample and satisfy my curiosity.

803744 CYOIt's actually a candle in a customised basket for a customer. Alistair and Milena (Halesowen, UK) put together this basket for Gabrielle's 40th birthday. They chose some Poshcorn, face masks and iced birthday cake for the extra poshness. And a unique Happy 40th Birthday silver teaspoon and an inspirational messaged wall plaque to remember this occasion by. It's like they really know what items is best for Gabrielle. It gives off a very customised feel.

Continuing with the candles, my nose then picked up the scent of another candle, about two baskets over.

7909636 Alternative Therapies

The Alternative Therapies basket today have two candles in it. One if a Rhubarb based scent which is certainly something I haven't heard very much of. It smells divine! Also, there is massage related things in the basket so it makes this an instant winner for me because I love massages.  This Alternative Therapies basket is going together with Flowers & Chocolate basket to Anne (Leitrim, IE) and was sent by her colleagues in Ballymore, Sligo.

Now, what other thing would catch Kate's attention? I could name plenty - mangos, cheese, chocolates, pretty things, apricots, pineapples etc. But those are all just personal preferences. let's go for something more universal - like somebody having the same name as you!

2409989 Earth Friendly Baby BoyAnd Earth Friendly Baby Boy basket was ordered and it's going to a recipient called Kate! Yay! Same name!


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