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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Gift Baskets 18.08.16

It's not sunny today, but it is so humid! I'm running around the office, in a skirt, t-shirt and sandals, and boy am I glad I decided to dress lightly today. I think it was the same yesterday as well. I went to the marina where a Pokemon Go event was happening, thinking the seaside would have a bit of breezy so I brought a cardigan along just in case. Turns out, nope, no need for it. In the end it just became a chore to carry around. It was probably a good thing I didn't need to wear it because it turns out it clashed rather horribly with my outfit yesterday, as my sister informed me. She'd always been the more fashion savvy of us, even when we were younger she would be the one who would be the first to jump for any fashion related items like nail polish, hair-styling dolls and build your own bracelets and charms kits. Anybody remembers those?

We actually have one of those charm kits leaving with one of our baskets today as well.

2409870 Fashionista

The Fashionista basket is made for fashion forward young children. It has a Sparkle Charms kit for you to make your own phone and key charms (they're really cute!), sweeties to nibble on while you play and a Groovy Girls fabric doll. I don't know about you but I loved styling the hair on dolls and this one is super soft as well. The lucky owner of this basket is Seren (Cardiff, UK). Huh, my fashionable sister is actually flying to Cardiff next week. Is this a hint that it must be a fashionable place to be nowadays?

Okay, that same sister of mine is also sitting her very last exam today. Yaaaaay! The pressure was really on and she was super stressed out about it. But now that it's over, we only have one more thing to look forward to in her education - graduation!

2409903 Graduation Basket

Maybe, I'll send her this Graduation Gift Basket as a present? Actually, that wouldn't work, because that would mean I'd have to send my other brother and sister a basket too. Hmmm..... Anyways, this one is for the graduating Louise in Walkinson, Ireland. Congratulations, Louise!

Yesterday, Lynne asked us in the admin team why we weren't using some of our age specific gift cards anymore. Oh, erm, actually we kind of forgot about them for a while. You know that saying "Out of Sight, Out of Mind"? Well that definitely applied to us yesterday. Turns out during a cards display reshuffling/reshelfing a few weeks ago, we actually tucked the cards away in a cupboard and forgot about them. Whoops! Good thing Lynne reminded us. Now they're going back out with our baskets to give the birthday girls and boys out there that extra bit of acknowledgement.

Today's age specific card is a 60th card, and upgraded card too!

Whiiich I forgot to take a picture of. Hey, I have an excuse this time! The card was drawn back into the office because it needed the gift message stuck on during the time that I was taking a photo of the basket. I'm not going to hold back the packaging crew from wrapping the baskets just because I'm missing a card the picture, am I? Anyways, Happy Birthday, John (Cheltenham, UK)!


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