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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Gift Baskets 04.08.16

During this period in time, when we are putting up new ranges of hampers and baskets, it's not uncommon for me to stroll out into the warehouse and be completely surprised by baskets I didn't know existed until well, I clapped my eyes on it. Today, it's a basket called 'The Adventure Begins' which is a wedding themed basket. It was still in the process of being assembled or else I would have taken a picture to show you. However, I did make note of it because I haven't got the figures and numbers worked out for that basket yet! I'm so sorry I'm not up to date in that section, team!

This happen quite often actually, like a few months ago I didn't even know we had a rugby themed basket called Top Try Gift Basket, but now I do and I saw one being ordered so voila! Photo!

2409661 Top Try

The gift message for this is rather funny too. It's going to Jonanthan (Twickenham, UK) who isn't feeling his best. The sender mentions that by the time Jonanthan gets the basket, the sender would be away in Cyprus (lucky!), but he hoped Jonanthan feels better, is recovering and 'not being Grumpy!' If you're not well, I think you do get a free pass to being moody in moderation, of course.

Another humorous message was found in the next basket over. A Gourmet Pathway basket had the following message:

Dear Janet, I know that Kenneth is probably driving you crazy with all of his work on" [insert project here] "It is all my fault. Your husband is a fantastic guy. We are lucky to have him on the team. Thank you for your support. I really appreciate it!"

7909547 Gourmet Pathway

Hahaha, oh dear. Poor Janet (Fermoy, IE). I wonder if this is also what my family and friends feel like when I talk about baskets and hampers at home. Some of us are just very work-focused and have a bad habit of bringing it home with us!

The final basket of today's dispatch blog, is a customer creation.

803733 CYO

This fantastic bakery goodness basket was put together by Quentin (Gattieries, FR) on Monday afternoon. It's a birthday gist to Kevin (Omagh, NI). Quentin had chosen to include not only a birthday cake, but also a Coolmore chocolate fudge cake which is delicious. And, as if that wasn't enough cake, he also added in a moist fruit cake and cupcakes! Either Kevin really loves his cakes, or Quentin wasn't sure which one was his favourite and solved the problem by sending him one of each!

Also, a bit random and unrelated, but remember how we wrote about our ribbons recently and how fabulous they look? Well, today I found lots and lot of them all made up! So I decided to set up another picture of them alongside some of my favourite confectionery on our shelves and some fabric flowers to further showcase how pretty our packaging is.

Confection & Ribbons




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