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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Fruit & Flower Baskets 18.08.16

I always talk about how our fruit baskets are always baskets and hardly ever lidded hampers. Well, sometimes, you just have those specific requests from customers who really, really, wants the fruit to be in a leather strap hamper instead. They specifically picked it in the Create Your Own site. And we have one of these cases today.

This is a 90th Birthday Customer Creation hamper for Ruth (Dublin, IE), specifically requested by her friend Sandra who is in Sweden. We don't normally put the fruit in hampers because there is a risk of it being squished or bruise with the rest of the contents even with the protective shred inside the hamper. Cellophane wrapped baskets is usually the way to go because it not only keeps the fruit in place, it keep everything else secure as well. But since the customer requested, our team would just have to go with it. The girls in the warehouse ensured to choose a spacious hamper to begin with, then include extra, extra shred in it to give the fruit lots of room and space to protect them from the rest of the contents.

Now, you're probably thinking "Kate, that's cheating. The picture doesn't really show much fruit at all!" In which case, I apologise but I think I'll have to throw my hands up in defeat in this one because there is no way I can unpack and unload the fruit out for my photo, and be able to put it all back in nice and neat again. I don't know how the warehouse team does it. They must be miracle workers in Tetris and Jenga blocks or something. It's amazing how they could fit all the things into one basket/hamper.

So, instead, I'll give you a picture with double the fruit!

2409896 + 905 Revitaliser for Him & Her

The above is the two versions of Revitaliser baskets we offer. The one on the right is a Revitaliser for Him, the one on the left is a For Her basket. They are mostly the same, but a few pieces of content is different, such as magazines and pamper products like body lotions, gel masks and massaging items. The For Her basket today is also going with an extra magazine to double the reading time for the recipient Sara (Stroud, UK). And coincidentally, the For Him basket is going with an extra magazine as well. In fact, Victoria is actually right on the phone to confirm with the sender what extra magazine they wanted because they didn't specify.

Onto the last fruit basket of today's blog. I chose a Heavenly Health basket to feature.

7909587 Heavenly Health

This new basket is for Sandra (Galway, IE) who haven't been feeling very cheery recently so this basket is sent as a distraction/perk me up. With aromatherapy bath tea bags, biscuits, fruit, a popular magazine, chocolates and a bear to cuddle, I think this is the best formula to cheer anybody up, made even better with the sender's best wishes as well. We hope you enjoy, Sandra.

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