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Baskets Galore Customer Gifts – Gift Hampers 04.08.16

I keep saying I hope the weekend is brighter, sunnier and in general nicer. In other words, I want it to actually be summer-y during summer and not... well gray and rainy which seems to be all we're getting recently. It almost feels as if our summer is over before it even started. Gimme the sun! I want the sun! Not that I can't actually go out into the sun for long since I come up with a rash if exposed to sunlight after a while, but still! I cannot go Pokemon hunting during my days off (weekend) when it's raining! (And if you're fluent in poke-speak, I would be Parasol Lady class trainer because I would be the one running around with an umbrella during sunny weather)

Anyways, I'm sure I'm not the only one wanting a warmer weekend this week. Suzie (Shelburne, CA) is sending a hamper to Ben and Martha (Manchester, UK) to wish them a Happy Anniversary and also a warm and wonderful weekend.

2409672 Cheesy Sunshine Plus Wine2

She ordered this Cheesy Sunshine, but rather than going got the wine duo variant of this hamper, Suzie decided to specifically add two bottles of Australian Shiraz instead. I guess Ben and Martha prefer red over white wine? Which one would YOU rather have on a summer weekend?

Speaking of wine, we're actually hoping to add some Italian wine to our range. And speaking of Italian, I spotted a rather odd message going with one of our gift hampers.

7909428 Artisan Fayre

And Artisan Fayre hamper is going to the following gift card message: "Mais,no! Io sono solo un VeRme.."

Now, in order to figure out which kind of card to put this message in, I popped the message into Google Translate to figure out what was suitable... except it came out as "Corn, no! I'm just a worm?"

Eh? Thankfully, Google also links references of this line to screenshots and videos of the movie, Labyrinth (haven't watched it before, but it's on my to watch list) so maybe it's a hamper from one Labyrinth fan to another? Except.... what gift card should I use???

The final hamper I wanted to display was actually so big that I had problems arranging it on the countertops for a photo.

2407900 GTA Diamond Explorer

There was no way I can display all the contents of this Great Taste Award Diamond Explorer properly across the worktops, especially with dozens of other hampers and baskets sitting there as well. So I only picked selected items from the hamper. Trust me, there is a LOT more still inside it, just look at the depth of the hamper in comparison to the height of the wine bottles. It's a very big and luxurious gift. And it's going as a thank you gift to Rose (Northampton, UK), sent by Anthony across the pond in Irving, US. The hamper was so big, I didn't trust myself to lift it, instead I settled for pushing and nudging it across the worktop instead, much safer.



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