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Baskets Galore Customer Gifts – Fruit & Flower Gifts 11.08.16

Whoops, er, look at the time! I was so busy catching up on other work that I am running out of time to write these blog posts. So I'm sorry if this one seems a bit rushed but I'm trying to get it done before the office close on me! Keep going, keep going, the clock is ticking. Oh dear, my mind is blanking as to what to type in my urgency to get this blog piece written. I apologise if I ramble anywhere! Righto! Onwards!

Today we shall start this fruit blog with a Get Well Fruit Baskets for Him.

2409784 Get Well Fruit Basket For Him

Ordered by a company in Port Talbot, UK. This basket is going to Mal (Tenby, UK) who isn't feeling very well. The company had chosen to include a Men's Health magazine in with the basket. I'm sure with the Olympics going on, there would be plenty of articles and information of how to maintain a healthy physique like those of the Olympic athletes. But then again, what magazine does NOT have an Olympic feature in it right now?

Speaking of keeping fit, you cannot possible do that if you don't have the energy, right?

2409788 Gluten Free Energy

Then this Gluten Free Energy basket is perfect for you! Designed to contain high energy giving foods, usually associated with tropical fruits, this if a birthday basket for Zoe (Neath, UK) to ensure she is set to fully enjoy her day. Look! There is mangoes! That's my energy boost right there.

Last but not least, we have a Creative Fruit basket.

2409806 Creative Fruit

I have a vague impression that I covered this fruit basket last week already, but the clock is ticking and I don't think I have enough time to go back and check. If I did, I apologise for featuring it again? If I didn't, then check out the contents of this fantastic fruit basket! It has Coconut Water! That's my current obsession. There is just something so refreshing about it especially during a really warm day. Also, from chinese medicine's point of view, coconut water is great for cooling down the body and putting it back into balance if you eat a lot of savoury snacks such as nuts and crisps, like I do.



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