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Basket of the Day – Friday 19th August

Since Andrea is on maternity leave, we had been rotating our turns to write our Friday dispatch blog. And hooray! It's finally my turn! Not that I actually remembered; in fact, Roma and Victoria had to remind me this morning, and even then it took a few nudges because I was a bit lost in spreadsheet formatting and wasn't listening the first few time - whoops.

Anyways, off I pranced into the warehouse trying to find a basket to cover and lo, behold! A customer creation!

803757 CYO 1

Nicola from New York, US, had put together this beautiful basket to congratulate the arrival of baby Fionnan to Carol and John (Lixnaw, IE) What is the most interesting aspect of this custom basket though is that rather than baby clothes, Nicola had chosen to include face masks and mugs instead. There is a face mask each for mummy and daddy, and not only a mug each, but also one for grandma as well!

803757 CYO Cups Up Close

It's a bit different from a standard baby basket, but thoughtful because Nicola must have thought of how Carol and John must be bombarded with baby gifts already so it might be more helpful to receive one which does not have more baby clothes? Even though there was no baby clothes, there is something for little Finnion. It's a puppy rattle (the one in the cup in the picture above) and teddy bear wrist rattle (pictured front and centre) Bound to keep smiles on his face, no?

And of course, since I only have one basket to cover, I decided to experiment a little and also made this little rotating GIF. First time making one of these, don't judge!

803757 CYO Rotate Basket NEW

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