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The Perils Of Pregnancy & Why We Deserve A Pampering Gift Basket!

It's been a busy few months for me lately and now we've moved house & are back from France I realised there are only 6 weeks to go until my due date! This has coincided with me realising I'm now struggling with some day to day tasks due to the size of my baby bump. I posted about this on Facebook and our lovely followers shared some of the things they found difficult in the last few weeks of pregnancy.

Pregnancy cartoon

Not Sleeping
Getting up off sofa/chairs
Putting on socks & shoes
Putting on underwear
Washing the dishes
Carrying/Playing with toddler/other children
Working full time
Walking/Standing for long periods
Back ache
Baby brain
Itchy skin
Active baby

And these are just everyday things, I'll not get into the various complications and ailments we can suffer as a result of bringing a new life into this world! Is there anything you struggled with you would add to this list?

You can see from this long list that us heavily pregnant ladies could do with some rest, relaxation and pampering although life goes on and we don't really get the chance to. This is why I love the idea of our Pregnancy Pampering Gift Baskets and I've been eyeing up any being dispatched lately with a tiny bit of jealousy.

They tend to include treats such as prenatal bath soak, stretch mark oil, creams, candles and eye masks as well as fruity tea, chocolates and a good book or magazine. Maybe if I hint enough I might be lucky enough to see one of these gifts with my name on it!

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