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Lily O'Brien New Chocolate Bar Taste Test Thursday

This week's Taste Test Thursday featured our new delivery of chocolate bar samples from Lily O'Brien.  We were very excited when David arrived with not 1, but 3 bags of various samples. Chocolate Heaven indeed! We decided to test the individual chocolate bars, as they came in a variety of new and exciting flavours. There was Dark Peppermint Crunch with Basil, Milk Malted Chocolate Crunch, Dark and White Dulce de Leche, Caramel Crunch, Dark Orange & Bergamot Ganache and Milk Caramel Crunch with Sea Salt.

Kate was first to try them and her verdict was that the Peppermint could have been even more minty, the Malted chocolate was lovely and crunchy and would be perfect with afternoon tea, the Dulce de Leche was velvety smooth, looked pretty and luxurious, the Caramel Crunch was not quite as crunchy as the Malted chocolate and had a very subtle aftertaste of salt, the Orange & Bergamot was very orangey and would be great with Earl Grey of Lady Grey tea (Kate appears to really appreciate her cuppa- doesn't she?) and last but not least the Salted Caramel was her favourite , smooth and rich and sooo yummy that she wouldn't want to share it.

Victoria's favourite was the Dark & White Dulce de Leche, as it looked like marble, tasted delightful with a lovely vanilla flavour.  She wasn't a big fan of dark chocolate but is now! Second choice was a tie between Caramel Crunch and Malted Chocolate Crunch.  The Caramel is rich and the salt tasty but best of all was the crunch. Least favourite was the Peppermint & Basil due to the after taste.

Laura's favourite was also the Dark and White Dulce de Leche. She loved the combination of dark & white together as a marble effect. It looks and tastes good!  Laura's second choice was the Orange & Bergamot Ganache. The strong orange flavour combined with the dark chocolate and the soft texture made this irresistible. The crunchy ones were her least favourite, but she would probably eat them all regardless!

Jonny's favourite was the Milk Malted Chocolate Crunch as he liked the malty biscuity textures combined with smooth more-ish chocolate. His least favourite was the Peppermint & Basil because it was too minty?

Lynne's favourite was the Orange & Bergamot and the Dulce de Leche.  She though the bars had thick, creamy, big chunks so you feel like you really have had a lot of chocolate.  Least favourite was the Peppermint as she felt that the basil was a big strong.

Andrea's favourite was the Salted Caramel as it was smooth & creamy and very easy to eat.  Her least favourite was the peppermint also and she thought that it would have been her favourite because she loves dark chocolate & peppermint. She hadn't noticed the hint of basil on the packaging & so it came as a bit of a surprise!

I liked the Malted chocolate crunch and I agree with Kate that having tested all the flavours this one needs a wee cuppa to go with it. What could be more delightful - I rest my case.

Have you sampled any of these new flavours yet or do you have an old Lily O'Brien favourite? We just need to decide which ones are going to feature in our Christmas hampers now!

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